Hello CUDO Family,

We are here again to bring you some news about our sessions in collaboration with Muti DAO. In April we held 2 beautiful sessions with Julio Marotta and dear Meta. Both will start to be released in May on the Muti channel. In May, we will take this project to Brazil and hold new sessions with artists who already have some fan base, giving the project even more engagement and relevance to inside and outside the ecosystem. To do it, we’ll use 600 USD from our monthly budget and 600 USD from Muti DAO budget.

Very soon we will start promoting this project to brands outside of NEAR, thus making an even stronger connection between our ecosystem and the real world.

We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on how to make this project even more interesting. More than just promoting artists, stories and our audiovisual work, this will be another way to grow the NEAR ecosystem and brand reach even more places.

In the meantime listen and dance to our latest sessions:

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Let’s keep going =)