[Approved] Music Feast x Creatives DAO Partnership Proposal - Neal Gustafson

Hi All, my name is Neal Gustafson and I am a musician, marketer, and product manager with Music Feast. I am submitting this collaborative project we are working on to this community for review.

Music Feast: [Creative DAO] - Partnership Proposal [AUGUST] - [2023] - Neal Gustafson

  1. BACKGROUND — Music Feast is a company founded by multiple Grammy Award winners, platinum record producers, tech entrepreneurs, and music industry professionals. A platform designed to help the worldwide independent music community through active engagement, IP distribution, marketing metrics, manufacturing, and networking opportunities in an effort to solve the pain points of the current industry and showcase collaborative projects and talent.
  • INTRODUCTION — Grant recipients from the NEAR Foundation, Music Feast is a groundbreaking solution that addresses the long-standing challenges plaguing the music industry. We have identified critical problems that have hindered the growth and success of artists, and we have developed an innovative platform that will revolutionize the way music is created, distributed, and monetized.

Music Industry Problems

  • Notorious for underpaying artists and content creators
  • Notorious for signing artists in contracts and shelving their products
  • Locking artists in debt with contractual obligations and exclusivity
  • Nearly impossible for independents to make a living
  • Social media noise never translates to true conversions

Music Feast Solutions

  • Smart contracts that offer immediate payment

  • Deals surrounding one song with six different ways to monetize

  • Manufacturing of merch without upfront production costs

  • Endless opportunities for the independent artist economy

  • Collection of instantaneous market insights

  • TEAM EXPERIENCE — Between myself, Justin Burkholder, and my co-founders, Blake Harden, Dion Primo, Neal Gustafson, and Andrés Dominguez we have built businesses in entertainment, and green tech, won multiple Grammy Awards, written platinum, and diamond-certified records, co-founded an NGO. In addition, we have marketed the release of numerous music production products and studio effects processors for major brands—such as Reverb, Waves Audio, and Eventide Audio—as well as contributing to the release of records from Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Katy Perry, Usher, Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Ice Cube, Common, T-Pain, Raphael Saadiq, Snoop Dog, Machine Gun Kelly, and many more. Having helped with the furthering of education in the emerging blockchain and Web3 worlds, as NEAR Certified developers and instructors—with projects like Near P2P, Defix3 Wallet, Splatter, HoneySpot, and W3Music—we are collectively committed to the decentralization of the music industry and creatives, worldwide.

  • VALUE PROPOSITION — Our proposal is designed to increase the reach of Creatives DAO within the global creative and independent music community. We are aiming to put our efforts around the expansion of placing NEAR and CDAO in the middle of the conversations around helping artists and fans alike decentralize the music business. Acting as a label and publishing house which signs artists for releases, Music Feast will help build interactions, have users obtain valuable collectibles and grant song ownership options, as well as deliver special perks/sneak peeks, and foster creative music communities.

  • BRAND AWARENESS FOR CDAO — Through strategic events, including a studio boot camp, a guest lecture, a music production contest, and a co-marketing onboarding promotion we will create a large awareness for Creatives DAO’s visibility.

Through advertisement, promotions, educational sessions, social reach, influencer co-marketing, and proof of concept editorial content we will increase brand recognition for CDAO. The reach of these combined efforts is expected to canvas a total of 1 Million followers, create thousands of impressions, and potentially create hundreds of new NEAR wallets. This will also serve to help the general awareness of the Creatives DAO community.

We aim to host a worldwide music production contest and two events at Canada Crypto Week 2023 (August 13th - 19th) that will place Creatives DAO, the NEAR community, and Music Feast at the center of the conversation around innovation within the music industry and blockchain universe. This co-marketing promoted contest will attract a large number of aspiring music producers worldwide and the week-long event is estimated to attract a large number of crypto enthusiasts, with both efforts raising awareness for the NEAR community, and increasing the creative user base:

  1. Music Feast x Creative DAO - Music Production Contest

Worldwide Music Production Contest — A music production contest that will incorporate worldwide engagement via a co-marketing partnership with artist and influencer, Whoo Kid. This contest will run for a month and will be promoted by giving away FREE NFTs of the artist’s work, ads, and studio partnerships, and will facilitate the giving away of three prizes:

  • Grand Prize - $1000 Cash
  • Secondary Prize - Audio Track Mixed by Grammy Award-winning Mix Engineer, Blake Harden
  • Third Place - 20,000 Feast Tokens for Music Feast Platform
  • Give Aways - FREE NFTs for The First 200 Applicants
  1. Studio Bootcamp at Studio A

Studio A Audio Recording & Production — A full-service multi-track audio recording and production company located in Kitchener Ontario, serving both the music and business communities.

2-Day Weekend Workshop:

  • Audio Engineering 101
  • Music Production 101
  • DAO Introductions 101
  • NEAR Protocol
  • CDAO Opportunities
  • Recording Sessions
  1. Guest Lecture at Metalworks Studio

Metalworks Studios - Canada’s Premier Entertainment Arts School — Metalworks is a Greater Toronto Area Recording Studio and Mastering facility that has maintained an unsurpassed level of excellence spanning over four decades.

1-Day Guest Lecture:

  • Music Feast’s Story

  • Blockchain Introduction

  • DAO Introduction

  • CDAO and Funding

  • Opportunities In Web3


How Music Feast Works — In the traditional sense Music Feast acts as a label and publishing house which signs artists for releases. In a non-traditional sense, it is built to help decentralize the music business. Holders of Music Feast’s points called $FEAST calories could be equatable to holding shares in a publicly traded company. The more a person holds, the more voting power they have for choosing things like new signees, events, marketing campaigns, etc. $FEAST calories can also be redeemed for digital assets from a secret store that only holders have access to.

With this music production contest and these two inspiring events taking place during Canada Crypto Week, where thousands of individuals will come together to explore the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies, Web3, and blockchain technologies, we are excited to merge the music industry and Creative DAO communities by hosting engaging, informative, and creatively educational seminars.

We anticipate a significant increase in new signups for NEAR wallets due to the exciting upcoming events. These events and music production contests typically generate high participation rates, which will contribute to the growth of our user base. Each new active user will become an advocate for our platform, expanding our community. Our goal is to become an essential part of the NEAR ecosystem for thousands of new users in the coming months, driving growth and impact.

We are focused on creating a collaborative and engaging environment. Our aim is not only to increase user numbers but also to stimulate a significant surge in on-chain activity. By leveraging our advanced technology, we will join the Music Feast platform and become a customer and users of the Creative DAO community. DAO members will have the power to make decisions and will receive exclusive benefits like airdrops and prizes as a way to reward their valuable contributions.

This contest and these two separate, but correlated events during the larger crypto convention will demonstrate the power of the Music Feast platform, by leveraging our internal star-powered Grammy Award-winning talent to showcase their skills and onboard users through the leveraging of the powerful utilities of the platform.

Essentially, these initiatives will serve as an entry point to our vibrant creative and music community. Our new platform aims to revolutionize the music industry by providing a space for artists to work together and facilitating collaboration among content creators, fans, and musical IP investors.


  • Launch Music Production Contest Co-Marketing Campaign - Aug 2023

  • Organize These Events During Canada Crypto Week - Aug (13th - 19th)

  • Evaluate Outcomes and Report Back to Creatives DAO - Sep 2023

  • ALIGNMENT WITH CREATIVES DAO’S PURPOSE — Aligning with the core values of Creatives DAO’s purpose, our proposal will foster a vibrant and inclusive platform for creatives to showcase their work. By hosting these well-known artists on the platform and proving the concept of the Music Feast environment, it will demonstrate its revolutionary utilities, as we aim to enhance global music communities through independent ownership, entrepreneurial education, and decentralized participation.

The idea is to direct this towards creators, and through the educational seminars and boot camps, we are teaching quality creators how to get involved in Web3, how to contribute to DAOs, and how to access funding for their creative projects. It isn’t about the first level of reach, but the fact that we are providing our testimonial, and encouraging them to do the same, and it will lead to exponential growth. Especially when you have Grammy Award winners, telling them that this is the route to go.


  • Secure Travel and Venue: Booking of travel and event venues, and studios.

  • Create Website Pages: Create the landing page on the Music Feast site for the Worldwide Music Production Contest, Bootcamp, and Lecture events.

  • Marketing: To increase our onboarding numbers for the Music Production Contest, Bootcamp, and Lecture Music Feast CDAO events, we will initiate email and social campaigns targeted at demographical user profiles, activated wallets, and music communities. This will involve:

    • Creation of event marketing assets, such as images, videos, and emails.
    • Create co-marketing video promotion with Whoo Kid for launch on his social channels, announcing the Music Production Contest and advertising the FREE NFTs for the first 200 applicants.
    • Sending out personalized emails, creating social ads, and brand awareness of the events amongst music and Web3 communities.
  • Event Production: Producing and operating the events on their respective production dates. Ensuring both events run smoothly.

With this Music Production contest, Bootcamp, and Lecture events happening over the Canada Crypto Week 2023, we should see an improvement in NEAR visibility, user onboarding, and overall engagement.

  • FUNDING TYPE — We are seeking funding to cover monthly expenses related to this project, events, platform advertising, user acquisition, artist onboarding, and public relations:

  • $2,000 Development:

    • Landing Page
    • Self-Minting Music Submissions
  • $2,000 Marketing Communications

    • Asset Creation
    • Email Design/Copy
  • $500 Community Moderation

    • Moderation of Membership
    • General Sitewide Support
  • $5,500 Events, Advertising, and Public Relations

    • $1000 - Cash Prize
    • $1000 - Bootcamp Instructor Fee
    • $1000 - Travel Expenses
    • $1000 - Guest Lecture Fee
    • $250 - Ad Spend Budget
    • $250 - Media Outlet Editorial
    • $500 - Worth of NFT Drops (Whoo Kid)

  • DAO ON-CHAIN ADDRESS: ccc.sputnik-dao.near


Nice initiative, we are willing to keep working on this amazing project :star_struck:


I fully support this proposal!

EEE consists of real builders who have been with NEAR since the beginning, as well as experienced professionals from the music industry who are widely known. Supporting projects that aim to empower artists is the main focus of Creatives, and it aligns strongly with its mission and vision.

I believe that Creatives’ support will enable EEE to bring more users and artists to https://musicfeast.io/, Creatives, and the NEAR ecosystem!



Appreciate you Paul!

We are excited to expand the opportunities we found in the ecosystem to other creatives.


Thank You, Paul so much for your words, support, and feedback!

Nice proposal, I hope to see positive outcome

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The partnership proposal was granted approval on July 21st within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


To receive a grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

Thanks Paul,

completed and submitted the form!

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This is wonderful! I’m also in motion onboarding!

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