[Approved] marketing of octopod dao july

Thank you very much for your confidence! @satojandro


Octopode DAO Marketing REPORT JULY/2022

We had a multiplier in our reach metrics.
Class seats filled, shares, audience reach.
Our goal for next month is to invest more in our youtube channel, instagram, facebook, ttwitter and if possible discord.
Create a community at discord to centralize our messages, notices, proposals, reports.

LinkTree: OctópodeDAO | Linktree

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0YwFx_6VwLA5NbpdQ02OQ

29 subscribers

14 videos published in July

Discord: Octopode DAO

27 people on discord , 8 text channels

1 voice chat , and a Welcome Bot

All publications include, copywriting and 5 of them specific graphic arts. Plus an analysis of which tags are best for each publications.



25 Posts

62 Stories

1 Reels Video

1 Live Video

3 new profile highlights

5 designs

23.8 k thousand accounts Reached, 202 Accounts with engagement , + 20 followers, 36,911k thousand impressions , 327 profile visits, 12 website touches


25 Posts

62 Stories

5 designs

23,039 reach



Today we follow 127 and have 154 followers (42 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers shown are as follows: Tweets 52; Tweet Impressions 5,909K; Profile Visits 5,528K; Mentions 137.

OBS: Duplicate posts, they are in English and Portuguese versions. Making it more accessible to a larger audience.