[APPROVED] KalakendraDAO June 2022

Hello NEAR Fam,

DAO Name: KalakendraDAO

Project status: In progress

Funding duration: June 2022



May has been a fantastic month and you can find more details about our activities here: on our report.

As we step forward in June here are the activities we have planned.

  1. Supporting Indian Artists through Naksh:

Funding requested: $1500.

  1. Indie Music Guild

Funding requested: $1500.

  1. Blogs for KalakendraDAO.org


Funding requested: $500.

  1. Council work: $1500

Total: $5000

The Metrics of success for KalakendraDAO would be:

• Onboarding at least 10 creatives on June
• Approve at least 2 creative projects
• Mint at least 20 NFTs
• Create at least 2 hours of educational content

Looking forward to your support.

Thank you.


Hello @gurubaran. Very happy to see this proposal. Can you please insert a part to say about you Metrics for success? Check this example:

We would love see how the KalakendraDAO can help the creatives to grow with the NEAR FOUNDATION. =)


Thanks for your response @hevertonharieno I have updated the metrics for success in the proposal. Can you please take a look?



Thanks for the updates @gurubaran. We would like to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization