[APPROVED] Gambiarra DAO Funding for February 2022

DAO/Council Members (February, March, April):

*Target: gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested Funding Amount: 3900 usd in NEAR

Our Introduction: [Introduction] Gambiarra DAO

Objective: The main objective of this set of projects is to build Gambiarra, NEAR, and Mintbase presence and visibility on Brazilian NFTworld, by tematic exhibitions, courses, tutorials, experimental art, and marketing materials in Portuguese. Our intention is that the Brazilian visual art community can know Gambiarra and get into NEAR blockchain through our gallery on Mintbase. And for this, we need to build the awareness concerning our gallery, which is the main objective of this first set of projects.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of this set of project is precisely to make a large collective of artists to grow in the internet media and in the look of its peers. This kind of visibility is essential to a blockchain that needs to expand into visual arts and in the Brazilian NFT community, that is pretty large. Beyond being important to NEAR and to Gambiarra artists, these projects are also important to help the development of Mintbase in Brazil, that is an important NFT marketplace on NEAR, given we will produce tutorial videos in Portuguese about it and stimulate minting there. Our set of projects is also important to the community as a whole, because it brings more bounties into the system, thus making the near community to get more in touch with Gambiarra Community and DAO.

Timeline: February 1st - 28th

The NEAR Protocol has seen so much activities and events arise within its ecosystem. This development can only be cognizant of the fact that the NEAR protocol is conveniently expanding and providing solutions for individuals within the web 3 ecosystem, as our NFTs, our wallets and numerous Dapps. We at the Gambiarra Guild/DAO have observed these developments for a while and have decided to contribute our quota in love and gratitude for the NEAR Protocol towards helping it expand conveniently in areas where it is seeking more engagement and traction, which is Brazilian Visual Arts on Mintbase NEAR. Below are the projects that the Gambiarra DAO has outlined to actualize for the month of February:

TOTAL BUDJET: 3900 usd in NEAR

Approval of the budget proposal by the DAO on ASTRODAO.

Thank you,
Gambiarra DAO
Telegram - Gambiarra Community: Telegram: Join Group Chat
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GambiarraNear


It’s being a pleasure to be part of this ecosystem, and to see to mutual efforts to overcome the challenges to be latin american artists, and explore this cryptoworld, spreading art, ideas, and other sense of community. I am happy to see many members growing together thought this platform opportunities!

Iam glad to share the best i have in my life, and feeling like that i started a very important part of my mission mission on earth: share love, and receive in return respect and recognition - something we humans all deserve

Thanks @thephilosopher @Ghini @Natashacremonese @dazo @luixoluixo @macieira
@filmesdeinfiltracao @ViniciusGCP94 and all other members!

I wish you all a good February, with the bless of :

Yemanja, Water Tiger, Oxumaré and Mercury as the year regent.

Inspiring year


Heyhey & thank you for the proposal, looks like a busy month ahead :slight_smile:

2 notes for your proposal:

  • the council payout can take up to 30% of the total budget, which in your current case is 1350 USD.
  • I can see that this proposal

is already posted in the Marketing Vertical therefore I’d ask you to take it out of the Creatives Budget & adjust the council payout accordingly :slight_smile: We’ve left a note in the Marketing proposal as well so that the council is aware.

Looking fwd to the edits :slight_smile:


Hey, @tabear, thank you for your observations. We just added a line in the budget that we were willing to put on the project, but it does not have a link, so we did not. But now we think we should, which is the payments for logo, flag, typography and wearable creation to be identifying characteristics of Gambiarra.

Concerning the project on Marketing DAO, I am deeply sorry. It is because many people from our DAO are still learning how to use the forum, and they tagged the marketing because they thought they should, as it is a marketing project. I already told them now which tags we should use. The approval you saw on the project was not by marketing dao, but by our own DAO, given it is an internal project. We are asking resources just for the creatives dao this month. Next month, the marketing team intends to make a full project to Marketing DAO, but this month we made just that one, which we added only to our funding proposal to the creatives.

Do you think the funding proposal is ok now?


Oh, I just saw that the Markting DAO approved our proposal, so I removed it from this funding request and I adjusted the council payout.
:pray: :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: There ya go, solved :rocket:

Also, no worries regarding that, learning is good, was just double checking :slight_smile:


GM, friend @tabear! Let me ask you: are we approved?
A marvellous day to you. <3

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Thanks for the updates!

This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Thank you very much, @tabear. I will use this approval link too to complete the identification google form.


do I create a poll already with the value we are requesting or just a poll with the request for approval?

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Until now we’ve just used a poll with the request for approval.


Very happy with the proposal. Let’s together help to carry out more and more incentive actions in the Mintbase-NEAR network. :wink:


Monthly Report - February 2022

Council Members:

*Target: gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 326.11 NEAR (3900 usd)
*Total Spent: 324.24 NEAR
*Total Left:

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished in February :

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community (10 NEAR EACH: 125 usd each / total 40 NEAR)

Financial Movements

We decided to let the treasury in near and pay everybody with the conversion rate from the time we received the resources: 500 usd = 41.80 near

Community Telegram:

Updated Projects Timeline:
All the projects were made in the appropriate time.

We’ve built (a) surreal podcast project, (b) some courses from Nomade Label artists, (c) 3 onboarding tutorial videos, (d) 2 events: Mintbase Sunday and 100 years of the Week of 22, (e) 4 design bounties to the community that made our identity, and (f) we onboarded around 50 women artists that are participating of next month event FEMINU, that is an exhibition only for those who identify themselves with the feminin.

We could learn that we could organize the projects better, including in the relation with other friendly DAOs (like Metaverse DAO), in order to not make projects in the same time, for everybody to be able to participate of everything. We could also learn that we have many exhibition projects, that would be pleased by a headquarters in metaverse, our own gallery, with permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational features etc.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to build a gallery on a rented cryptovoxels land, to build a NEARHub space, and to make exhibitions, parties and courses in both spaces.

Thanks for your support to Gambiarra DAO!


It was an intense and very productive month.
I’m very happy to be part of it all.


Reported on the Proposal Topic :slight_smile:

Soon Quintas Paralelas :wink:

So, Next step is to create a ASTRODAO payout proposal right?
Can i do that? ask 41.80 Near, correct?