[Approved] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023 - The Clan/Near Brazil Guild

Hello @creativesdao-council !

Since I will be speaking about some of my creatives processes and about my Near projects in ETH Milan, we are very interested in showcasing our work and growing the interaction between them. :wink:


The Near Brazil Guild looks forward to leveraging ETH Milan 2023 as a platform to showcase our key initiatives - Electric Neon and Sky Harbour MVPs - and our unique NFT collections. One of our primary goals is to utilize the “I am Human” NFT collection as a novel strategy for attracting and onboarding new users to NDC. Our participation at the event will allow us to foster valuable connections, promote our community’s work, and broaden our impact in the digital arts and blockchain sphere.


@whoiscavenaghi - Guild Leader: Carolina Cavenaghi is the founder of Electric Neon and the leader of the Near Brazil Guild. Her notable experience in participating in event panels and networking will be invaluable at ETH Milan 2023. Carolina is eager to engage with other attendees, share insights on NFTs, and represent Electric Neon at the conference.

@duOCELOT - The Clan Guild Leader, Co-founder of Near Brazil Guild: As the creator of Sky Harbour and co-founder of Near Brazil Guild, Duocelot brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the design industry. He will focus on highlighting the innovative work of Sky Harbour and how the game projects have been used to engage in Brazilian IRL projects and strengthen ties with fellow participants.


The Near Brazil Guild aims to use our presence at ETH Milan 2023 to shine a light on our work, introduce our unique projects to a wider audience, and contribute to the diverse conversations within the Creatives DAO. Our unique offerings in NFTs, including Electric Neon and Sky Harbour, will spark interest and dialogue within the community, enhancing the vibrancy of the Creatives DAO.

Our participation at ETH Milan will highlight the transformative potential of blockchain technology, particularly in digital arts, and showcase how our community is contributing to the growth of this exciting field.

Flight Costs for 2 participants


We are requesting the total $2,000 amount to have a buffer in case the flight price increases when we get the funds transferred to brl to cover the costs.

target wallet: near-brazil-guild.sputnik-dao.near

7/18/2023 prices:


Hey @whoiscavenaghi
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

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