Dear @creativesdao-council team

Here is the second proposal from FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO for this coming month.

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração DAO

Target: filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near



Pool on Creatives:

Total Requested Funding Amount: 3000 DAI

Timeline: September 16h – October 15th


The main goal of this project is to promote more and more the realization of films that are born with the support of the NEAR ecosystem and that move with their own legs in festivals around the world, whether in the verse, or in the metaverse, and to promote even more creative propulsion on the web3.

In the previous months FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO made its first short film with the full support of the NEAR ecosystem, also produced a scene that was part of a feature film by Helena Ignez and started the editing of a short film, of which for the pre-production and the filming of the movie a modest amount of money was invested by the hands of the collaborators of the movie before being part of NEAR Foundation.

Justification (benefits)

The relevance of this project is to establish partnerships within and outside the metaverse, co-creating possible forms of filmmaking without dependence on only one source of funding. We also intend that some collaborators of Nômade Label DAO, PROCD DAO FEMINU DAO and Antimetodo DAO could join some of our projects, either in the role of sound designing, cinematography, color correction, exhibitions and so on.

Since filmmaking is very expensive, it is very important that partnerships are created with other DAOs, and also with blockchain related investors, opening up space so that new filmmakers can embark on their dreams and have the possibility to realize them as a film product.


This month FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO receives projects from newcomers to NEAR, with proposals for nfts trailers, film screening as well as script development, . The idea is that after the scripts are developed we can proceed with projects for pre-production, shooting, post-production and perhaps distribution always being a bridge between web3 and outsiders.

Check out our proposals below:

1 - The creation of 4 trailer books/NFT’s - 450 DAI


2 - The script writing of a first treatment of the film UM HOMEM - 200 DAI


3 - The post-production the film HOMEM DE VERDADE, by Rafael Rudolf - 700 DAI


4 - Development of script feature-film ABIGAIL, by Gustavo Vinagre - 1000 DAI


5 - Open Call for the event “GILBERTO MENDES 100 YEARS” - Ocupação Nômade em Santos - 200 DAI

Together with the project Ocupação Nômade em Santos / Nomad Label DAO


we set aside 200 DAI to pay the screening fees of the short films selected for the CEM ANOS GILBERTO MENDES that will be screened at Cine Arte Posto 4 in Santos.

Producer’s/Council’s work:

350 DAI
filmesdeinfiltracao - This month we’ll pay for the work of council, who is organizing the general proposals and reports, making the onboardings, introducing and teaching Filmes de Infiltracao DAO crew how to use the FORUM, ASTRO DAO, MINTBASE and other dapps, also writing user’s guides and organizing FILMES DE INFILTRACAO DAO for that the members become more autonomous and take the position of a council. Also this amount includes the production work during the month of September, submitting films to festivals, making the sales and distribution of the films as well as orienting the film projects to flow on web3, web2 and outsides

Prospects for our Futures:

  • Thinking new cinematic narratives on web3, new worlds, new futures.
  • Open new portfolios, through the artistic projects proposed by DAO
  • Creating cinematic NFT’s, NFT Trailers, NFT tickets and other forms of Tolkenization.
  • Creation of content about the NEAR ecosystem, and blockchains
  • Open our Store.

That’s all for now, folks
Always with Love



Meliores projetos Spring version.



Thank you for your proposal and sharing the reports. I’d like to understand how your projects will specifically add value to the NEAR ecosystem?



hello @Cryptonaut
I will try to answer this, in an artistic perspective, and in my personal view
I think that art, and artists contributes in various ways
As we are in an intercultural ecosystem, that gathers different perspectives and points of view, I hope that my inputs could help us thinking about how art, and artists are adding value to this community building.

So, art in this multiple expressions is something that help us to comprehend reality, to transform reality, to create new realitites, as pointed here:

To think out of the box, art also educates us, contributes deeply to social transformation, because people get transformed, so can transform the collective.
For me, there is no possible society, community or ecosystem without the presence, of art, of artists, of culture, of people that deals with the sensibility, sensitivity, sensible, our capacity of transformation, transmutation - what connect us to the essence of what I believe is human.

As we are here, together, as humans, building community inside this ecosystem, I deeply believe that artistic manifestations are adding value to this space, in this way.
It is about building subjectivities, building new narratives, and in this way, as NEAR is able to support artistic and cultural projects, it is adding value to the hole ecosystem.

Hope my thoughts can contribute in building this space, and I am opened to understand better what add value means to this hole community.
Thank you for reading me.
with my best regards


I think that we have something here!

sharing so we can read together and discuss from this point, thinking together how to help these projects to grow and to add more and more value to the ecosystem


Hello @Cryptonaut !
Thank you for you question,

And thank you @ritamaria so much for transforming into words our shared thoughts!
I totally share your words.

And complementing our toughs, today at the creatives meeting, some very important things were said about art that we cannot ignore.

And if we think that web3 only exists because of the influence that art has in our life narratives, for example, watching “Star Trek” and dreaming of developing a cell phone, a spaceship, a robot that cleans the house, watching “Ready Player One” and creating a new world in a virtual space that we can access using 3D glasses. We can be avatars! We can feel each other with clothes and sensors. This has all been imagined before through literature, cinema, developed in theater, and so much more. The films run in festivals around the world, compete for awards, and bring a lot of cultural information from around the world. We know about South Korea through one film, we know about Brazil through another, we know practically the whole USA thanks to the cinema. And I ask how has Hollywood or Bollywood impacted our minds? Would we be who we are if it weren’t for some of these influences? Even if we don’t like this kind of cinema, and prefer other things, at some point they came through our skins and influenced us, for better or for worse.

In short, art transforms science just as science and technology transform art, and they must go together.
And this we cannot ignore.

Regarding Filmes de Infiltracao DAO, in our introduction I explain our desire to build bridges.

We know that the film industry moves billions in financial capital. It is advertisement for companies like Coca Cola, it generates thousands of jobs, it feeds the imagination of thousands of people, either in movie theaters or watching streaming.
For someone who deals with crypto-currencies, moving worlds through cinema can be something very powerful and extremely impactful to the ecosystem. Both in terms of storytelling and financially.

I share here a dialog we had with Stalking in one of our proposals.

I also invite you to take a look at the great movement that DCP is making in the crypto ecosystem by focusing on cinema. Their discord is extremely active, as is their governance forum.

These are inspirations for us to get more people to make films, tell their diverse narratives, experience onboardings here in this ecosystem, learn to pay for their work through crypto currencies, and further impact the world of fiat. Blockchain is there for that mainly, to open new horizons and break boundaries and for sure without any demagogy, to add values to NEAR ecosystem.

Some of us here, just make art, because we really wish to make diference and to add values wherever we go. And for transforming others, artists suffer thousands of reprisals, but they continue in the resistance to add values to the world.

We all want a better world. Let’s make the changes together!

:slight_smile: <3

Hugs to all


I took part in a fantastic film festival this week. The impact it had on people and on the city of Sao Paulo, it moved dreams, it moved worlds. Take it as inspirations and making a festival in our ecosystem is one of the things Filmes de Infiltração DAO also desires. .


perfect @ritamaria
Let’s do it :slight_smile:


Very relevant project. The horizontality remains within this artistic spirit that has been seeking many ways and means to collaborate with the ecosystem realizing intellectual knowledge with cinema bringing more culture also to the world in the metaverse.


Thank you Fly for your words!
And i really wish that we can make amazing soundtracks collabs around here <3


@williamx @Cryptonaut

There are any forward question of the value ofg this proposal or this community has try to atribute to near?

That a look on what kind of personas they are feature at Filmes de Infiltração:

Helena Ignez - Wikipedia

Gustavo Vinagre - IMDb

There are wonderful film makers related to this DAO that are about to start to build they film within near ecosystem, that a look:

Thais Almeida Prado - IMDb
Julia Katharine – Papo de Cinema

If onboard HELENA IGNEZ on our Ecosystem dont add value, I’am not sure of how could I add something


Thank you so much @blusw to remind the NEAR community about what we are doing feet after feet.

@creativesdao-council would be kind of you if you could have time to take a look in our proposal and our introduction <3 .

@Cryptonaut @williamx we are also here :wink:

Best wishes


I really hope that impactful, deep and transformative artistic productions like those of FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO find resonance space in a “creative” environment increasingly sunk into numbers and aseptic metrics.



Thank you for the inputs & answers!

Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.

Thank you!


Hello @williamx

We are really really happy with the approval!
Thank you for the inputs and exchanges.

The pool is already created


and the function calls on their way!

Thank you!

Best wishes


Olá @filmesdeinfiltracao :slight_smile:
muti DAO will vote on this monthly proposal as we also think that art is very important and can be a good way of communicating web3/sparking interest in people.
Just on a side note regarding the ongoing discussions about how can art support NEAR (this just from someone who also works with art and as we go through all the CFCs in our DAO for the monthly proposals): I haven’t seen the film yet, but personally I believe that the number of onboarded wallets and used platforms as well as mentioning NEAR on Youtube/when the projects are fulfilled are one of the ways that also artists can work with metrics to prove that art can create value for the ecosystem.


Olá @tabear :slight_smile:
Thank you so much for the support of Muti DAO and yours in particular! I really admire your work, even though we haven’t exchanged much in person.
All of the starts in INA DAO, where I followed more closely and Muti DAO are admirable ways of thinking about art and gender issues, which in Filmes de Infiltração DAO affects us a lot.
I also thank you very much for bringing ideas so we can think together, how to enable and add more value to the Near ecosystem. It is really a path to be followed, and together we are stronger. Onboardings, payments in NEAR, mentioning NEAR on Youtube, twitter and instagram are really great steps!

Muito agradecida por suas palavras
E seguimos pé ante pé!


Super happy to announce that our films are walking by their own legs around the world!!!

And our first film trip is by:
IMPERIO, the film made completely with the support of NEAR FOUNDATION Funds, will have it’s WIP premiere this week at MIX BRASIL International Film Festival and will take part of a really tradicional section called “Show do Gongo”, presented by the actress Marisa Orth, it will happens in Sao Paulo and we are in a competition for the Coelho de Prata Award!

Show do Gongo 2022!

This was an online edition of Show do Gongo, during the pandemics.

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