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Target: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near

Poll on the Creatives DAO ASTRODAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-559


Total Requested Funding Amount: 2000 DAI

Approval on ASTRO - https://app.astrodao.com/dao/creatives.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/creatives.sputnik-dao.near-559

Our Introduction: [Introduction] FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO

Our first direct proposal to creatives comes from the idea of collaboration between metaverse and world outside the metaverse.

In November 2021 we started a project called A woman without addictions seeks the woman with addictions, script and shooting were done in Lisbon at that time in a collaborative creation between actress Lorena da Silva, actress Brenda Lua, filmmaker Thais de Almeida Prado together with Sergio Silva and Michele M.

The film, a short film a priori, is awaiting funding for its post-production process:
Editing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Mixing, DCP creation and premiere.

We propose as well that our premiere should also take place in a web3 movie theater, so that the whole community can witness the premiere of this film.

Justification (benefits)
The relevance of this project is to establish partnerships within and outside the metaverse, co-creating possible forms of filmmaking without dependence on only one source of funding. We also intend that some collaborator of Nômade Label DAO could join this project, either in the role of soundtrack, color correction, etc.

For the pre-production and the filming of the movie a modest amount of money was invested by the hands of the collaborators of the movie. We need only a little to finish the film.

Timeline: JULY 15th – AUGUST 20

We then asked for a sum of 2000 USD, which is well below market rates to finish the film.
Editing, Color Correction, Sound Design, Mixing, DCP creation…

Below the basic budget for finishing this film

Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 19.56.06

Total budget amount: 2000 DAI


Filmes de Infiltração DAO has the main objective to give light and focus to cinematographic works, which have so much difficulty in being made, because the film industry ends up running over many authorial projects in favor of projects with a label or a trademark. The idea here is to focus on one project at a time, so that we can raise the money to carry out the projects honestly and successfully.

Filmes de Infiltração
twitter: @de_infiltracao | Filmes de Infiltração

Greetings to the community
keeping our joy the proof of nine and nursing it with love.


Hello @filmesdeinfiltracao ! Congrats on the first proposal.
Could you give a cost breakdown for the film and indicate who would be involved in fulfilling the tasks mentioned above for the funding. thanks


Dear @ted.iv

Thank you for your feedback!
Sure, I’ll do it task by task asap, and I’ll return to you :slight_smile:

Best wishes


@filmesdeinfiltracao Thanks for updating the breakdown. I’m happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .


Dear @ted.iv What a great great news!!! A little celebration moment for us!!! :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
We are really happy for this first fundings step!!!

I’ll create de poll on the Creatives DAO and hope for the yes!


Congrats @filmesdeinfiltracao looking forward to seeing how the DAO evolves :slight_smile:


great!! I am happy to see this dao growing, and looking forward to the next steps! Congratulations @filmesdeinfiltracao


All the best of luck. Looking forward to seeing the film! <3


Thank you @roadworks! I just saw your website and found it very nice! let’s talk and exchange more :wink:


@ritamaria soon we can make some film collaborations :wink:



This month was the first time that Filmes de Infiltração DAO received a Fund.
At the same time, we haven’t received the money from the fund yet. And this has somewhat hindered the editing process of the film.

Anyway, we have started the first cut of the film.
The editor used DaVinci Resolves for editing.
The images were placed on the timeline, based on the scene selections, and we are with a first rough cut of 30minutes, and we now want to focus on the script, so that the final cut finish in 15minutes in total.

Some sound design sketching is being done while editing is taking place, but it will be finished once the final cut is done.
After the sound editing, the color grading, soundtrack and mixing work will take place.

With the delay in depositing the fund, we have decided to extend our timeline to August, so that we can pay our service providers on time.

Timeline: JULY 15th – AUGUST 30th

In the meantime we will produce a series of three NFT gifs.

Best Regards




so curious to watch this film, heard so much interesting things about the shooting in Lisbon. excited!


I just read this, so excuse me for my late reply. And huge thanks for your compliments!
Also I’m in for what you wrote: Yes, let’s meet up and chat!


É importante aqui fazer um update!

O projeto A woman without addictions seeks the woman with addictions ficou um pouco na retaguarda, para nos dedicarmos a produção de um novo curta-metragem, totalmente gerado e produzido pela Filmes de Infiltração DAO graças ao apoio da Creatives DAO @creativesdao-council e aos fundos da NEAR, realizamos então o filme IMPÉRIO.

Uma das razões por optarmos por isso, foi a questão de que a maioria dos integrantes de IMPÉRIO já estava na NEAR e aproveitamos para fazer o onboarding de @gustavovinagre e @theuba.near que iniciaram suas ações na Mintbase e no Forum, estando bastante ativos por aqui.

Também optamos por dar prioridade ao filme IMPÉRIO, por ele ser um curta-metragem relativamente fácil de ser realizado. Plano-fixo e sequência, o que nos ajudaria muito na hora de editar, pois o melhor take seria o escolhido.

Todos os artistas estavam disponíveis e isso foi também um grande impulso para seguirmos adiante.


Segue abaixo o texto produzido por @thaisampr no report de Agosto.

We opted for this film because this short-movie was way more simple to make. We needed a location, daylight, one afternoon and one well-executed sequence shot with a good camera and a great cinematographer, 3 performers that could stay standing their hole, the director to bring the gaze and the producer to control time schedule and so on.

In addition IMPÉRIO has no dialogue, no need for translation and subtitling which made it much easier for us.

To make IMPÉRIO (first of our films fully supported by NEAR) our budget was:

Director of Photography (with camera equipment) - @theuba.near - 300 US
Performer 1 - rafaelrufolf.near - 150 US @rafaelrudolf .near
Performer 2 - gustavovinagre.near - 150 US @gustavovinagre .near
Performer 3 - wasem_simon.near - 150 US
Editor (with editing room) - @thaisampr .near - 50 US
Music and Sound Designer (with sound editing room) - thaisampr.near - 200 US @thaisampr
Credits Designer - joaomarcosalmeida.near - 100 US
Director and Screenwriter - thaisampr.near - 100 US
Production and Sales agent (who will keep working on the project submitting to festivals and so on) - @naralobo .near 400 US
DCP - 200 US

TOTAL: 1.700 US in DAI

We had 3 onboarding: theuba.near a great cinematographer and gustavovinagre.near a great film director both from Brazil, awarded and well known internationally. Who joined us as well is the photographer and producer denisefait.near. Also during this week we’ll show them how to flow in NEAR ecosystem and let them more autonomous with their movements around here.

About Festivals submissions
The film IMPÉRIO is ready and is already being sent to festivals.

Many film festivals have encouragement awards and cash prizes. In addition they give visibility to the film. This film is also part of a larger project THE WOMEN OF PAU-BRASIL that will gradually be presented to the community.

*note that some festivals charge a fee for submissions.

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 21.03.37

Fizemos a inscrição de IMPÉRIO (EMPIRE em inglês) em alguns festivais através do FilmFreeway (um site de festivais), como @thaisampr relata, algumas destas inscricões são pagas e iremos atualizar em nosso budget caso necessitemos. Há também um grande trabalho da produção em escrever aos festivais, pedir fee waiver code, procurar festivais e etc. Estarei focada neste tipo de trabalho. Acreditamos que os filmes de FILMES DE INFILTRAÇÃO DAO terão vida própria, grande circulação e longa vida!
Abaixo seguem algumas das inscrições feitas aos festivais através do filmfreeway:


IMPÉRIO aguarda o resultado dos festivais. Logo que tivermos as primeiras respostas iremos atualizar aqui!

É isso pessoal! Sigamos avante!
Agradecendo muito a oportunidade!

E não deixem de conferir o nosso report !!!


@gustavovinagre @rafaelrudolf @thaisampr @joaomarcosdealmeida não deixem de pedir o payout de vocês no ASTRO da Filmes de Infiltração !
:clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses: :clinking_glasses:


Feito, @naralobo !
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