[APPROVED] DAOrecords - Marketing DAO Funding - April 2022


DAO: DAOrecords

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Council Team: @vandal @masiaone @Paul @ottpeter @Sleezy_Moss @_Tech1 @lelen.maramar @cryptovaibhav

Links: https://www.daorecords.org/

Target Address: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

Previous DAO funding proposal:

This is our first request to Marketing DAO but you can view our March 2022 Report

Requested Amount: $4,750 USD in NEAR

April Plan Marketing Plan

Team: @_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss

In April we will begin our SoundSplash Social Media Campaign in preparation for the launch of our Metaverse event series that will run from May to end of July 2022.

We will have daily posts highlighting key call to action themes such as: Join Discord, Contests, Featured releases, Why DAOrecords, Benefits of Music3 + AMAs (Twitter Spaces) and more most importantly the introduction of participating artists!

Social Templates:

  • 7 Template designs will be created for each theme - $450


  • 5x per week themed posts according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD


  • 5x per week posts according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD
  • Weekly Twitter Spaces with varying themes & guests - $400


  • Consolidating campaign via Instagram to funnel people to Discord - $500


  • Daily interaction from team on main community channel, broadcast channel sharing daily posts from campaign, tipbot for quality engagement, answering questions and other information about DAOrecords - $500 USD


  • Info about SoundSplash Artists / engaging the community with Trivia, bounties & music contest - $500 USD

Weekly Newsletter:

  • Prepare template and content featuring the weekly highlights - $400

ADAM 4 Artists:

  • Additional Social Boosts, Press Release mailouts & Features articles - $ 1000

Current numbers:


Our main goal is to promote the upcoming SoundSplash event series, so throughout the month of April we will be running a campaign together with ADAM 4 Artists who will help us expand our reach and increase our follow count.

Not only that, we aim to create more stories, press and news across the Web3 Music Ecosystem.

Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month:

  • IG: reaching 2500 followers
  • Twitter: reach 8000 followers
  • Facebook: reach 500 followers
  • TG: grow to 200 members
  • Discord: 1000 members
  • Twitch: 100 subs
  • Mailing List: 450 subs

Total Request Amount: $4,750 USD

View our SoundSplash Event Deck here


@MktngDAO_Advisors :slight_smile:

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Good morning, happy to support your proposal. Thank You for great work for Near Community. Have a great day :muscle:


Thanks @Dacha we truly appreciate the support! Shall we submit this to the Marketing DAO on Astro? Cheers!


Please, wait for response from Marketing DAO councils. Thank You

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Hi @vandal also happy to Approve

Top marks for a well written proposal… I hope others will use it as a template.


Thanks for the positive feedback and I’ll definitely share this for future template reference :heart::100:

Just wanted to clarify- I can see you’re driving people to your projects posted on OpenSea…

How does this lead NFTs that could be picked up with a Near Wallet?

Or how does this lead to the creation of Near Wallets?


Great question @Klint! Our Alpha is on NEAR. So for this project we won’t be driving any traffic to Opensea. We have been using both Opensea and Mintabse (NEAR) until now, but will be using our own platform that is being build for SoundSplash/DAOrecords.

In order to participate (including the onboarding of all the various artists we are collaborating with) NFTs will only be available to purchase if you have a NEAR wallet, which we will be helping facilitate. This project is heavily entrenched in the NEAR ecosystem :slight_smile:

You can read our event deck, I think it’s linked above but you can find it here - SoundSplash Event Deck V2.pdf - Google Drive

Happy to answer any more questions!

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I am happy to support the proposal as well. You have support from the majority of the MarketingDAO council, so I will move this to approved.

You can submit to Astro. Thanks!


Thank you! Will be submitting shortly. Been having issues with AstroDAO but I’ll be trying a different method to login.

Please , follow these steps

Thank You

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Got it! Sorry about the previous proposal submission, will do it again according to the instructions here!

Calling @marketingdao-council here’s the poll submitted to the DAO - Astro Sorry for the earlier confusion!

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Solid proposal, happy to support.

I would just like to echo Taylor’s question, which we ask of every project applying for grants and that, ideally, we’d like to see from everyone building in the ecosystem?

  • How could we find opportunities for cross-collaboration and cross-marketing in the community? Could there be ways we can expose Cryptovoxels users to Nearhub and Reality Chain? As active users of Cryptovoxels, can you provide feedback to NEAR native metaverse teams? Etc.

Good luck and keep up the good work


We are aiming to use Reality Chain for SoundSplash actually. I’m not sure if we will be able to get it built in time, but we’re working with the team on that. So there will be simultaneous broadcast of the events in both worlds. This would mean we have a “portal” link to RC from CV for people to cross over. I’m hoping that for future seasons we can use NEAR-native metaverse spaces more!