[Approved] DAOrecords Marketing Campaign | May-22

DAO: DAOrecords
Funding Scheme: Monthly
Council Team:
@vandal @masiaone @Paul @ottpeter @Sleezy_Moss @_Tech1 @lelen.maramar @cryptovaibhav

Official Links:

DAOrecords | Linktree

Target Address: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

April reports:

To Creatives DAO - [Report] DAOrecords - April 2022
To Marketing DAO - [Report] Marketing | DAOrecords | April 2022 - #5 by _Tech1

May proposal:

To Creatives DAO - [APPROVED] DAOrecords DAO Funding - May 2022

Total Request Amount: 3500 $USD

May Plan Marketing Plan

Team: @_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss

We continue with SoundSplash Social Media Campaign in preparation for our Metaverse event series that will run from May to the end of July 2022.

We will have daily posts highlighting the key call to action themes such as Join Discord, Trivia, Featured releases, Why DAOrecords, Benefits of Music3 + AMAs (Twitter Spaces), and most importantly the introduction of participating artists!

Our Marketing Plan for May:

Paid advertising:

  • Twitter and Instagram: weekly posts/ paid promo from Sunday till Wednesday - $400


  • 5x per week themed posts according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD


  • 5x per week posts about SoundSplash, featured artists, and featured community partners, according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD
  • Weekly Twitter Spaces with Natalie Crue as a host, varying themes & guests - $400


  • Weekly SoundSplash highlights on Medium - $400

NEAR Daily (55k of followers):

  • AMA with NEAR Daily regarding DAOrecords - $300
  • Sponsored article on Crypto Daily - $500
  • Custom Infographic Tweet about DAOrecords and its services - $500

Prices based on the Ecosystem_Media Pack.pdf (2.5 MB)

Current numbers:

IG: 1210 Followers
Twitter: 7778 Followers
Facebook: 211 Followers
TG: 43 Members
TG Broadcast channel: 188 followers
Discord: 597 Members
Twitch: 82 followers
Medium: 40 followers


Our main goal is to promote the SoundSplash event series, so throughout the month of May, we will continue to run a campaign that will help us expand our reach and increase our followers count. In addition, we want to use NEAR Daily services, who will help us gain more engagement and exposure in terms of Music NFTs and DAOrecords themselves. Also, we continue to create more stories, press, and news across the Web3 Music Ecosystem.

We’d like to reach a wider audience of fans and musicians, and let them know about DAOrecords FonoRoot technology and our services such as organizing a live event in the Metaverse or doing the custom Audio NFT drop.

Reaching the following numbers by the end of the month:

IG: getting 2500 followers
Twitter: reach 8000 followers
Facebook: reach 500 followers
TG: grow to 200 members
Discord: grow to 1000 members
Twitch: reach 100 subs
Medium: reach 100 followers

Total Request Amount: 3500 $USD


Good evening, were your expected results in April’s proposal.

Couple questions from me (just for information :blush:) :

  1. What problem is Dao records solving?

  2. How is the problem being solved?

  3. How does this help get to billions of users?

With the following proposal or current would be great to get feedback from the artist (for example):

What are the cons and profs between web3 platforms (Mintbase) and traditional web2 (Apple Music), revenue, legal side (when we upload the same tracks on both web2 and web3 platforms ), etc. Very interesting to hear feedback.



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the time it has taken to create this proposal and for all the work you and your team have done so far.

I’m happy to support this proposal.

Notes that influenced my decision:

  • DAORecords has a solid body of work and a well established digital presence;
  • the website looks really cool - it’s got a unique branding, personality, feels like the project is legit and they care -,
  • the Medium has regular posts with plenty of information about upcoming events, how to get involved, etc.
  • strong collaboration with other projects on the ecosystem
  • clear pathways for onboarding new artists, users and creating value in general through music NFTs

Keep up the good work,



Hey @Dacha Thanks for the feedback and questions as always.

In reply to your questions:

  1. What problem is Dao records solving?

Much of our focus has been on solving the inherent problems in the Music Industry, which isn’t much different than some of the other Music NFT projects out there. As a Web3 label, using a DAO to organize our community is just the beginning, it’s about building the tools that artists and labels can use as we make this shift. Tools that don’t exist, or are too difficult to use.

To put this into a SoundSplash context, DAOrecords is creating a standardization model using FonoRoot, our minting system. Why? Well, over the last 2+ years facilitating the release of Audio NFTs for artists the two questions I’m always asked are - “How many should I mint and How much should I charge?”

We hope to eventually solve this problem!

  1. How is the problem being solved?

From a broader perspective, the Web3 music community have been developing NFT minting platforms to help solve this problem. It’s taken us over 2 years to begin building our platform/launchpad simply because there is a bigger problem to solve. Building a strong community and assisting in their onboarding. This is a problem that will be around for a while, and our approach is being the first point of contact to Web3 and NFTs for musicians entering the space. We’ve already done this through the success of NxM and the offshoot DAOs and Guilds it has spawned.

On a more focused approach, we have created SoundSplash to facilitate our onboarding of more artists and to launch the Beta of FonoRoot so that we can test the waters, create excitement and showcase the core aspects of Web3 we think blend so well together - NFTs, Metaverse & DAO.

  1. How does this help get to billions of users?

Let’s be realistic. We’re many years from Billions of users. A shift in the way we use the internet is not as easy to adjust to as we, who are already immersed in the ecosystem, think. We’ve begun with a strong foundation. Now it’s time to continue building our tools, finding new ways to make it easier to onboard people and really start exploring IRL integrations that allow a more hands-on approach to onboarding and growing users.

One thing that’s clear to me is that through just technology alone you’re not going to get a billion users. Culture, music, art, these are the things that the average person participates in and is the gateway to bringing more people into the space. So, this is where we sit. It’s only a matter of time.

I do truly appreciate the support NEAR has been able to provide us through both Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO. It’s not easy managing a team of 8 people across the globe with no funding. Of course, once we’re done our Alpha release through SoundSplash I’m sure we will be positioned well to bring in funds from a variety of sources and expand our team so we can really deliver what we hope to!

Shout out @masiaone @ottpeter @cryptovaibhav @lelen.maramar @Sleezy_Moss @Paul @_Tech1 for all their hard work!!!


There’s some interesting potential behind this project. I’m curious about the nature of adoption but I think there’s solid foundations here. You have my support.


Thanks @Klint! We’ve been putting in a lot of work to get to where we are now, which makes me really excited about where we’re going!

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Dear @Paul. Your team couldn’t reach the expected results and copied goals from April’s proposal. It would be great to see a couple of comments from you. I know you have a hardworking social media team and work on many projects in the Near ecosystem. Maybe the best way to focus on specific projects or hire new teammates from Near Community. Thanks


Hey @Dacha
Provided goals should be considered as our milestone in terms of social engagement, which we would like to achieve. It’s really hard to accomplish estimated goals within a one month period, and moreover to estimate realistic metrics for 30 days because of the many variables… And also, we can’t force people to interact with our content…

With that being said, in addition we have partnered with various communities and projects from NEAR ecosystem like NEAR Insider, Tamago, NEARNauts, NEAR Hub, The Auction, Roketo… (and many more), in order to reach our long-term goal, and what’s the most important - our milestone.

I don’t think that hiring new teammates, after one month, would be a good call for the DAOrecords. We’ve started our series, and campaign in April, releasing so far 3 Music NFTs via our launchpad, so we’re at the beginning of the road.

Hope that my comment will be helpful for you!

With regards.


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Thank you @marketingdao-council for your time, feedback, and support.

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