[APPROVED] Crossword puzzle and engagement efforts promoting NEAR's eco

Shitzu remains dedicated to promoting NEAR’s eco, primarily by building crossword puzzles to highlight projects and the strengths of NEAR. We have awarded over 2000 Near and 8M Shitzu in the past six months. Over 110 puzzles and countless engage-to-earn activities sum up our efforts.

We have seen success in our endeavors and plan to continue to offer rewards for content-creation activities. Our average bounty for puzzles is 20 NEAR, and the average payout for puzzle makers is 10 NEAR. Our reward activities can be tracked and open to everyone, including our TG chat. We thank you for considering our proposal and steadfast support of our goals.

Total requested amount - 1500 USD
NEAR Wallet ID / DAO - cwpuzzles.near
Wallet owner’s name - Agt

link to most recent report - [REPORT]Shitzu Community Nov-Dec-Jan report


AGT is blessings for near ecosystem :grin::heart_eyes:


I love seeing the $SHITZU community growing the way that it has been. A safe entertaining place for newcomers and OGs to interact and educate about the NEAR ecosystem. They have come a long way with many ups and downs. The leaders keep their heads held high and push for further progress in the enlightenment of web2/web3 integration throughout different avenues.
They’ve recently completed a crowdsource swap with NEARStarter’s index pool for $NEARIA with the likes of Jump Defi, Trisolaris, and Occam.fi. The community was able to contribute over $2000 of $SHITZU at current market value. Thats over 10,000,000 $SHITZU!
I trust the leaders of the $SHITZU community will keep their standards. They continue to show me what a pure blockchain community should strive to be. I’m proud to be a part of $SHITZU and the NEAR ecosystem as a whole.


Hello, I noticed that you began to intensively develop the tweeter, but there are no high statistics. Why do you wind up bots and thereby increase your subscribers by passing it off as a job well done?Thanks.

yeah, a bunch of bots joined our twitter. Unsure how to remove them. Any suggestions? Our TG was attacked as well. We posted the attack on TG if you need reassurance. Was it you who did it?

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Constructive criticism is welcome to all. Is this a suggestion or are you only here to troll and remain silent? The bot attacks on the Shitzu community Twitter and TG accounts were discussed openly on the TG forum. I assume you don’t care to mention that. What part of the NEAR ecosystem are you from, Jery?


Thank you for your proposal. Could you please fill out the form Form Marketing DAO Proposal Application ?


Completed and submitted. thx!


Hello guys,Where can I see your social networks, I would like to read more about you. Thanks :blush:.


You should stop by the $SHITZU community Telegram and see what’s the topic of discussion.


Shitzu ftw. Great community to hang out at, and great KOLs like Naomi, Res, Rim, … you love to see it !

Always good to see content creators being given the alternative, like Div_koks and Crypto_crawling / Shalini !


Hi @agt,

Thanks for your message. Sorry for the direct nature of my response but I’m not able to give feedback on this without there being more info in a proposal.

The structure of this post doesn’t make it very clear where the budget is being allocated. you need to add links / urls to the promotional channels, deliverables + what types of content, frequency of content deliverables, etc.

Please take a look at approved proposals from the past to get an idea of what elements are usually included in a proposal. Until then, it’s a no from me.


Sorry for the direct nature of my question but…

Have you ever spent time in the NEAR community outside of the forum? Shitzu has been a constant supporter of new creators in the space and a community where a lot of the NEAR OGs hang out.

I see you are a community DAO member, so I would love to see you be more visible in the community - as so far, many others and I have yet to see you around in our Twitter dm groups, discord, spaces, or telegram.

The crossword is a fun exercise engaging people to properly research projects, while the rest of the funds go towards spreading the word and helping newbies jumpstart their NEAR content creation efforts. It’s also a dApp on NEAR. AGT has even kept things running, investing his own funds when grants weren’t available, proving his integrity and interest in pushing the ecosystem forward.


Feels like 50 first dates. As one of the most prominent and visible NEAR communities in the forefront, I incorrectly assumed you were aware of our tireless efforts to push the eco forward. All the reports submitted detail our activities and bounties. If a member of the marketing DAO is unaware of our initiatives, then ngmi in the forum.

We are eternally grateful for the previous funding the DAO gave us. We will continue with our efforts. Feel free to join us and see for yourself the value proposition Shitzu represents.


Hello @Naomi ! This kind of attack absolutely not acceptable on the forum and Marketing DAO.


This type of dismissive comment presents as little more than an attempt to create a false narrative of hostility. The question is legitimate and far from an attack. Portraying it as such is absolutely not acceptable.


It is very important to distinguish two things:

  1. Legitimate questions and grievances. This can be asked and deserve consideration.
  2. The way in which the question is asked. Passive aggressiveness, loaded questions that imply an outcome, personal attacks, etc. are completely unnecessary and will not be tolerated.

Please do not justify being abusive towards other community members - we get enough abuse, hate and coordinated attacks from anons - we are not going to sit here and be denigrated in public from our own grantees.


Thanks, @agt, for today’s call. Happy to support you. Have a great day.


I support this proposal (even when I know some anons gonna blame me to receive benefits from them LOL) . @agt are doing great to keep the NEAR social engagement level up in scale.


I have read the entire conversation so far.

I can attest to the fact that Agt has been very supportive in carrying out all the marketing activities for Near projects via Shitzu telegram and twitter.

Also, i’d like to mention that i have been a member of this community for last 4 months who has proactively mentioned about Near protocol in various twitter spaces of Solana & Eth as well.

Moreover i have been designing multiple puzzles for different projects and having received spectacular response, i’d say we keep on doing the same.

So, it’s my request to the Marketing DAO members to take a look at the proposal and act quickly as we are fed up of hearing comments like Near is a ghost chain and stuff like that.

Marketing activities really need to be ramped up so that we maintain our twitter presence and keep promoting Near projects.

Look no further than Shitzu telegram or my own twitter page at DEVBOSE111 to analyse the metrics of how well we have perfomed in enabling exposure to audiences unaware of multiple Near protocol projects.

Thanks. :v: