(APPROVED) Creative search for c1 and entertainment foundation with near communitiesn

CREATIVE C1 MODEL(CC1M) 1st edition

A model is a mirror looked on at every movement (mostly online), who takes a space to represent a group or a board(products). He/she is an Enterprenuer, most talked about, highly appreciated/ recognized in every dimensions of entertainment. It is now noted that they are brand themselves, involving in fashion, commercial, glamour, and editorial spaces in the industry.

That’s why they’re now noted as a point of channel or channel of communication to the public, which is currently referred to as BRAND AMBASSADOR,FACE or REPRESENTATIVE. On this note,we can never be left behind in the haunt for this awareness, especially in Nigeria.

In addition to this,two members of the Guild with visions working tirelessly (with few supporters) decided to bring the light closer to the blinds to benefit by hosting the maiden “CREATIVE C1 MODEL CC1M” (FIRST EDITION),an online task,which we targeted in getting up to 50 models all over the country (Nigeria most especially), which only three models will be chosen (at due time). Below are few benefits to be awarded
:pushpin: WINNER :trophy:
$150 and free ticket entrance to any C1 GUILD events
:pushpin: 2ND RUNNER:medal_sports:
:pushpin: 3RD RUNNER:medal_military:
$50 ONLY

To participate;

  • To own or open a discord account and join the C1 discord channel
  • Create a NEAR wallet
  • Own a Twitter account
    -create an account in the NEAR forum.

In addition to that, it’s going to be an online task with likes and comments and to follow up on the pages/accounts posted after a participant must have taken a professional, creative and fashioned photo shoot, well edited in black & white with any costume/ concept of their choice. The major aim of making it online, instead of in rl is to create a media target on Discord, C1 GUILD social platforms and the NEAR forum in order to gain massive social engagements.

The C1 GUILD has not only be recognized as a great guild but also as a foundation who has impacted and changed lives, the NEAR community and the brand Discord digital changer is not left behind. The collaborations between the above digital changers has been and still making histories globally,that is why the contest known as the CREATIVE C1 MODEL (CCM) First Edition can still be an avenue to draw all entertaining Models closer (in modeling, acting, dancing,content creating etc).

When talking or looking at benefits, there are numerous of them to be mentioned which Publicity always come first,
where every participants and non participants can get to know more about the digital contents, discord for communication, and ecosystem, massive NEAR wallet accounts will be created, and the C1 GUILD will be the most talked about in breaking of penury and light bearer in the industry. Though lots of records in music artists with C1 GUILD has never ceased to be every day testimonies.

    The hosts and few supporters of this opportunity (to models) seek specially for a full assistance in making this a reality and taking it as an Annual contest (The contest will come up once every year) inorder to reach to the digital community expectations as well as a moving publicity/awareness all round. We hope in getting this year's first edition (as stated above) by JUNE (next month).



Price to be won:
1st place-$150
2nd place-$100
3rd place-$50

Advertisement and social awareness- $100
Artworks and graphics-$90
Resource for coordinating this event and making sure it’s a success-
$100 to each team =

Total request
-$690 in NEAR


Brave and creative project @Mr_Royalty , I’m happy for this project and I’m sure it will grow to become a foot-stead for dedicated models.
Let’s do this!:muscle::handshake:

Welcome :hugs:

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Great project
Congratulations on your approval ahead


I implore the C1 guild council to see this proposal and review it

@JCB @Dedeukwu

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Hey @Purpledots we will discuss all our proposals during the Sunday community meeting, do come show up.

Thank you

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A step taken is a sign of progress.

We make hay while the sunshine. Appreciate the comments, but still looking forward
@JCB and @Dedeukwu


Hey can you please mark this as approved so we can add it to our proposal for the creatives? Thank you.