(Ongoing Report) for Creative C1 GUILD Model for August

Hello Community. The Creative C1 GUILD MODEL CONTEST approved for the August Project is still ongoing as it has been a very busy month for us @Mr_Royalty and @Purpledots the organizers.

The Contestants were twenty (20) in number being shortlisted for approval to contest, they all passed the verification stage before the next stage was introduced which is the C1 MODEL FAN PHASE, where all 20 successful models posted their pictures, tagged the Creative Dao and C1 GUILD FOUNDATION to create awareness to fans and supporters about their goal and announcement in joining the web3 ecosystem.

Furthermore, on August, the top 10 to go for the final stage were selected and announced on our media handles and sites, which their competition is still ongoing.

Posts were created by all models,organizers, influencers (who were settled),visual illustrations for awareness were made, graphic designs were chronologically put in places to make the work faster and serious and social media boosts were not left alone. I can testify that all models and agencies owners in part of Nigeria and across the globe are part of the Guild, waiting to hear and follow up in activities by the ecosystem and to explore more.

The hosts @Mr_Royalty and @Purpledots have made it known to the Guild council members @Dedeukwu and @JCB that the top three winners will be announced on the 16th September 2022.

It hasn’t been an easy task, but with our two experience organizers, no challenge has been encountered and we promised to deliver the best and get the NEARprotocol, Creative Doa and the C1 Guild more audience in the entertainment industries.