[Approved] Bringing Art to The NFT Space

[Proposal]Bringing Afrikaan Art to The NFT Space

My name is Abdulkareem Oyeneye; I am a Wood collage artist from Lagos Nigeria. I make amazing and innovative art pieces inspired by the beauty of Africans, Afrikaan cultures and traditions.

This project has a lot of sentimental value to me because it is a family affair as I was born into the creative space. This will involve my uncle who is the innovator of Wood collage art, practically done by no other people but my family. Introducing this unique family tradition to the NFT space would give it a special identity with the Blockchain.

As we all know that the world is taking a next w shape and with the birth of NFT and prospect of Web3, I believe my art holds this intrinsic value that would continue to increase over the years as it is one of a kind.

As mentioned above, my art is entirely my creative idea and it has none of it’s kind on the NFT space; thus making it the real “non fungible token”

This proposal is divided into two dimensions one is the exclusivity of my work on the NFT space, the other aspect involves empowerment of other people. I visualize this as an opportunity to not only contribute to the growth of the community but also promote, train and educate creatives in my city on how to create a unique Afrikaan art for the NFT space via mintbase.io.

Some of my most recent accomplishment is gracing an invitation by the British High Commissioner to Nigeria On the 30th of November 2021.(attached video link below)
It was a marvelous time as I got to share my art and display my work for a more diversified audience and I generated a lot of interest on that day.

I aim to scout and train art enthusiasts in my city with vast creative skills in order to create a good number of unique artwork and onboard more people to the community. I am able to to this via several channels:

a. Social media ( I have a good number of following and I also actively run a YouTube channel)

b. Word of mouth ( I am a student at the most creative university in Nigeria University of Lagos)

c. Personal contacts and connections.

Break down of Expenditure:(Total $755 + $200Near and 6.5near

  1. Campaign, advert, flyers, Instagram ads, and posters: $50 - until 8 - 12 of March
  • I intend to run a community campaign offline and online in order to scout for creatives within my city.

2.Renting the space for the training $100 - until 12 - 14th of March

3.A three day workshop training: $200 - until 15 - 18th of March

  • I would be teaching 10 artist how to make their own unique Afrikaan art, how to get familiar with the minting process and opening a near wallet.
  1. Purchase of some art materials needed for the training $100 - 15th of March

  2. Welfare and transportation: estimated cost $200 - until 14th - 18th of March

I am quite passionate about this because it involves me inviting my 63 year old uncle from my hometown (Originator of wood collage) to share his wealth of experience which will promote generational wealth and exposure.

6.Creating a “Simply Afrikan” store on mintbase - 6.5near

  1. Insentives for trainee - $20 in near is going to be awarded to every participant of the workshop training. Making a total of $200 in near for 10 participants.

  2. Renting a projector - $55 : As instructed, a projector is going to be available for a more intensified learning in the workshop.

9.Video coverage - $50 To be viewed as an event in crypto voxel.

After the whole training process, a store would be created to mint the artwork produced in workshop.

In summary I intend to merge years old family tradition and infuse it with the modern ways and the future (NFT SPACE)

I am happy to be part of the growth of this community. I look forward to receiving your feedback.

Thank you for your time and support.

Abdulkareem Oyeneye.


Hello @Supercoolkay. Creatives only support DAO’s and Guilds. Therefore, you need to submit your project to a DAO that can receive your event in their monthly budget. I’m moving the tag to a general creatives.


you might want to check @Mintbase, as you already have in your tag :slight_smile:


Thank you for corrections. I just edited.


Thank you for the guide.

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Hey @Supercoolkay

Your project is awesome!

Really want to approve it.

We always send the funds after the work is done. So we need a timeline. We also need proof of what is being done - for example for your campaign we need to see the designs that are being created to promote the workshop.

Please write a timeline and which tasks will be complete in each phase.

For example:

Design of Campaign, advert, flyers, Instagram ads, and posters - until 15th of March.

Then, when the design was done, you come here, show us the design, we tell you to submit payout proposal on astrodao and you get your funds!

If you want, we can hop on a call to talk about Mintbase so you can give the best workshop possible.

Thanks for your work



Thank you. @marianeu
I am glad the idea proposed sounds great to you.

I already edited the proposal with the estimated time. Kindly let me know what is next to do after this.


Happy to tell you it is approved.

Please, schedule a call with me Calendly - Maria Neu
ASAP :slight_smile:

Again, payout happens after the work is done, just to clarify.

Thanks for your work

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I am happy to receive your approval. Thank you.

I just scheduled a call now against 7th of March 12:30 WAT.

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I am happy to announce that the scouting of the artists for the training is going fine. As myself and my teams have being engaging in some offline campaign and one on one talk with amazing artist
Campaign flyer

@marianeu a

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Nice, could you please update the logo? I’ll send it to you via telegram!

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Updated it already, Thanks !

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This is the list of the near wallets created in the Artiste empowerment workshop. After a successful training, it was proposed that each participant would be credited with $20 bounty.

  1. walenear.near
  2. Franklinart.near
  3. Isaiahfadare.near
  4. Afrigoldconcepts.near
  5. Chijiokekaduru.near
  6. Uncleshakila.near
  7. Olamilepoun.near
  8. Ayanwoledanieloluwatobiloba.near
  9. Unicolourart.near



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Ok, they can propose payout proposal to the mintbase astrodao


The Afrikan Artiste Empowerment Program was a success! I am glad myself and my uncle was able to impart our knowledge greatly. Check out how it went here

We successfully achieved the following

1.Created an Afrikan Art Collection store on mintbase

2.How to make unique Afrikan art that tells a story and sheds more light in the history and treasures in the continent.

3.Opened 10 near wallet

4.Onboarded 10 Afrikan Artistes

5.Introduced them to Near protocol and it’s attributes with a one on one class.

6.Introduced trainee to mintbase and it’s attributes

7.How to use Astrodao to request for their bounty

We also plan to make this training an event on Metaverse Cryptovoxel this week/next week.

@marianeu @LuisInfante @reginamintbase @caromintbase

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Sounds great, I am watching your video hehe

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