[Approved] Bounty Program for NxM community for August

I want to propose to run the bounty program for our community. Duties include writing and paying out bounties for the community.

Aside from our engagement bounties, we will also be using some portion of the funds to get an artist from createbase to do an NxM badge that we can mint and send to members when they sign the Members List. As well as a bounty to get an NxM banner for Mintbase!

Payout Breakdown: 200 for bounties, 100 for managing the program

Payout 300 NEAR


Hey @bonepolice since you’ve already been handling the bounty stuff for July, why not edit this proposal to manage the entire bounty campaign. Also link your July Report here so that we know how the funds were used and how you plan to use the funds for August!

Report from last month is in the second comment on the below link.

When you say edit to manage the entire bounty campaign, I’m not certain I understand. Are you meaning include the payout for doing the position as well as the funds for managing it with the same submission to the DAO? Just want to make sure I’m on the same page!

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Yes that’s it, include the amount allocated to manage the bounty program as well as the amount needed to the program activities :slight_smile: If you still have budget remaining from the previous month just carry that over.

Perfect, will do!

I used up all the funds for last month, and we got some great engagement from the community!

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Can you mark this Approved in the subject line pls!


Monthly Report

We got funding a little later for August, so I wasn’t able to run as many bounties. I have put one out for the creation of an NxM Badge. I have funding ready to go now, so that I should have lead time and can keep bounties rolling from here on.

In addition to the bounty program, I’ve been managing the NxM instagram.
We saw our followers go from 65 followers to 99

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