[APPROVED] AfroStar Guild Creatives Campus Tour / Recording Camp Equipments

Hi everyone, our topic in our last community call last week Saturday about our monthly Campus tour thats gonna start by March ahead of our Female creatives concert coming up in JUNE

We have to start visiting each University campus to select female creatives to work with, which would have them familiar with the blockchain, NEAR Protocol and AfroStar Guild these university students might not be able to leave their campuses to record, so we gonna make the work easier for them by visiting them one on one to work with them!

To do this we will definitely need mobile recording equipments which can only do this! to rent this whenever we wanna use this will cost us more, so its better owing one, once and forever.

  • Music Production Mac Laptop (not Desktop) $500
    (‘edit’ so we made an enquiry for the laptop we are about to get and its price value has gone up to $650, guyz :slightly_smiling_face: )
  • Rode Recording set which includes Sound Card, Microphone and Headset

We can get the laptop now, then propose for the other gadgets by march!

@bgem @sterryo @ifeoluwa


wow, thanks for making this clear! @Duchess quite brilliant ideas you bring since you’ve joined our council, thank you so much.

I guess Its perfect to start with the Laptop actually, you are right


y"all make me proud! thanks for the arrangement, @Duchess this is so clear and transparent! :heart:


you can now attache this to our APRIL budget for Creatives Moderato to see
according to what @adrianseneca said here


done now


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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good job, @Duchess :100:

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so for this month of aprill, we gonna buy the laptop, then buy the recording pack by march

total amount requested. $500

Yo @bgem @sterryo @ifeoluwa, we got our mobile mic! built with sound card in it!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Our Mobile recording isn getting set!

we gonna propose for the required laptop by next month, May! :dancer: :dancer:


wow, awsome! :muscle: :muscle: :heart: :heart: Its beautiful

Thank you for this winnie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
we are closer to our recodring camping, yippee!


you are welcome.

i made an ‘edit’ up there, {so we made an enquiry for the laptop we are about to get and its price value has gone up to $650, guyz :slightly_smiling_face:}


Oh that’s not bad… we gonna get it still! :raised_hands:t5:

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Thank You. hello guyz, just to make it more clear,

we have bought the mobile recoding mic, and we are proposing for $650
to get the the required laptop for mobility works.

I’m writing the proposal here, because its an advice from @adrianseneca to make the request have an (house)! thank you
@sterryo @bgem @ifeoluwa


yea its great! kudos!

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it looks good! this can enable us with the recording camp experince!


We have the best LAPTOP For the job now guyz!
we are good to go in our Campus recordings yup!

@sterryo @bgem @ifeoluwa


Excellent job @Duchess now we co start!