[APPROVED] A muti Telegram bot

Hi muti!

Being in the muti telegram I saw the potencial of having a telegram bot (with an identity to be defined later - maybe via a bounty) that could perform the following tasks:

  • /events - List the muti events calendar
  • /bounties - List the current bounties
  • /links - List the muti web3 platform urls (mintbase, instagram, twitter, etc)

Also alerts would be put in place to send a message in the chat when the event is happening (and 24h before) or when a bounty is close to finish. Also when $NEAR reaches a new ATH with a pretty cool gif.

This list of course can be expanded in the future according to the needs.

For the administrator, they will have the possibility to manage the events and bounties via commands as well. All the information will be stored in a database.


  • Developer hours - 150$ in NEAR
  • Monthly hosting - 3$ in NEAR (maybe could be paid yearly already?)



This is amazing, we’re looking forward having that bot!
Happy to approve this for the month of February and we’d pay the hosting for the first 6 months, and then the rest after, if that works?:slight_smile:

Once the payout is ready, we will let you know :slight_smile:

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Amazing! I’ll create a beta version of the bot already so we can deploy it asap.

All good for the hosting, I’ll make good use of it.

Cheers muti!

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great idea! We’re Goa Dao - we’ll need this cool features soon… can you share a code with us ?

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Hi @denni_wild ,

I’ll make a guide on how to implement this with most of the code used if it’s ok for muti :slight_smile:


Of course :slight_smile: Open source, feel free to share!

This is a great idea

Heyhey! Monthly budget came in! When we requested it, N was at 13.56$, therefore please request the amount of 12.3N in our Astro DAO :slight_smile: Already loving the updates & looking fwd to the complete bot!

Hi everyone.

Sorry for the delay on this, we changed a lot of the initial ideas to make the bot the more dynamic possible.

Short summary of what has been done:

  • Muti TG Admin Channel: Manage Alerts (can be boutines, events, livestreams), Get Muti new topic notifications

  • Muti TG Main Channel: Greeting when someone new enters, Muti links commands, Alerts, NEAR new all time high

We’re deploying the bot in the main channel in the next few days.

Let’s see what new ideas come up after it’s released :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, bot is already live!
Please request your payout of 12.3N in Astro :slight_smile:

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