[APPROVED] 3XR.SPACE development (various features)

Hey everyone!

Following the VR DAO strategy of using 3XR.SPACE as a flagship project, for the month of November, I propose to:

  • develop the feature (development of client, server development and server deployment) for multiplayer; this feature is highly requested by the community, and will allow multiple users to be in the same virtual space at the same time.

In addition to that, it will be released as an NFT-gated feature, meaning that gallery creators will have to own and burn an NFT (the Multiplayer NFT) every 30 days to enable created galleries with multiplayer. This experiment aims to explore ways to develop economies around utility NFTs, fund infrastructure costs and provide stability as the infra scales.

Total request: 1500$ (145N) => estimation 50h of development

Thank you!


Hey, as discussed during nearcon, it’s approved!

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Previous work

Over the month of November I dedicated a majority of the time implementing the multiplayer feature for custom galleries at 3XR. This included development and deployment of a signal server and WebSockets server, implementation of a P2P (WebRTC) client that sends audio and positional data, and integration with the current app.

This can be tested by opening a custom 3XR gallery on two clients (two tabs work). For example, https://www.3xr.space/custom/QmpZLvnAVsxI9IOIRbzTaH3iOK6X4tb69xLZzmL8jno:hellovirtualworld.mintbase1.near.

I wasn’t able to finish the implementation as an NFT-gated feature, because the implementation of the multiplayer consumed a lot more time than expected at first and other issues arised that required more focus.

Future work

Although the development has been successful so far, I still believe there are many things to improve on the implementation.

For the month of December I propose to:

  • Keep on improving the multiplayer and integrate with all the new templates
  • Create a subscription model based on NFTs for gallery creators. For example, burning a Multiplayer NFT issued by 3XR gives you 30 days of multiplayer
  • Investigate more about Matrix (https://matrix.org/) and see if it’s a viable long-term solution for 3XR and other virtual world projects building on NEAR - as talked before with NearHub.

For this I request 180N ($~1500) => ~50h of development work

Other request

As part of the plans of the VR DAO to acquire and mint VR gallery templates (as NFTs), and hire 3D modelers/designers within the NEAR ecosystem. I will also request funds to buy 3D models (that will be minted as NFTs at Mintbase) discussed with the NearHub team.

These galleries will be owned by the DAO and used as templates on the upcoming custom galleries at 3XR.

For this, I request 200N (~$1600). Number of templates to be discussed with the NearHub team.

A total of 380N on both my requests.


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Over the month of December I improved the multiplayer feature quite a lot.


Discovered and fixed a bug that was forcing the signal server to reset every time a not logged (via NEAR wallet) user was leaving a room, clearing the room’s state. This made it impossible for new users to reach users that were previously in the room.

Improved the stability and availability of both servers.

Improved how avatars look. Clicking an avatar leads the user to the avatar personal room.

Gated Galleries

Created a Gated Gallery feature. Technically this is very similar to my initial proposition of the subscription model via NFT, but is more aligned with how spaces are created today. Goal is to allow creators to gate access to their creations to incentive collectors getting these. This feature will work with gated events, giveaways, surprise gifts inside these spaces.


Started working on a simple matrix implementation for 3XR. Didn’t get it to work, but planning on coming back later in 2022 to offer Matrix as an alternative and a way for other developers to hook their apps to 3XR too.


Created a component that allows opening websites in 3D. This will be useful for streaming, showing webpages pegged to NFTs, etc

WebXR support

Although WebXR was already supported, users can now hop in a space and interact with things, travel through spaces, and see others (multiplayer).

Also, optimized the renderer for WebXR.

Landing Page - Create™️

3XR will launch the product Create in January 2022, which allows users to mint their own custom galleries. I developed/designed a new landing page for it.

Pre-mint links

Due to the nature of NFTs immutable data, it’s hard to mint a custom gallery NFT (on Create™️) with a link to itself. Links to the galleries are generated post minting. @vandal asked if it would be possible to mint an NFT with a link to the gallery, so I worked on it too. All on-chain!.

Take a look:


Over the month of January I mostly want to focus on:

  • More WebXR support. More interactions and optimizations.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Adding I-Frames to thing and gallery pages.
  • Improving Create™️
  • Harden gated galleries

For this I request 140N ($~2000) => ~50h of development work


Ahhh yeah! Love all the improvements @microchipgnu :100:


Massive updates @microchipgnu . Keep the good work!

I will for sure dig in deep in this features over social media in following weeks.



Over this month I focused:

Shipping CreateThing

This took most of my development time. We shipped CreateThing - a novel way to create 3D/VR spaces as NFTs.

I worked on the landing page, user flows, bug fixing and general e2e testing for prepping our launch.

Stability improvements

  • Multiplayer. Bug fixing and improving overall experience.
  • WebXR. Button interaction and stable framerate
  • Hardened token gated galleries


I want to focus on:

  • Working on the 3XR new branding
  • Redesign UI and interactions on pause and loading menus
  • Keep on improving WebXR and Multiplayer
  • Start an open-source library for our design system and core technology

For this I request $2000 => ~50h of development work


Straight fire.

Keep it coming.