[APPROVED] 3 Months rental of the Bobby's Places Parcel in CV

No worries on the MATIC or the wearables. Please feel free to continue to try and give them out as it makes sense to or as people attend naked. If it isn’t working, that is fine as well. These things happen.

It has really been great to see all of the NFTs minted of the events in Bobby’s Places Parcel and to see how much fun the Muti community has been having experimenting with the space. It seems as though it would be reasonable to have Muti DAO use the space for as long as they agree to attribute the Marmaj DAO in their marketing messaging when talking about the Bobby’s Places Gallery, as well as include the marmaj DAO (marmaj.sputnik-dao.near in NFTs that are minted using visuals of the space whenever appropriate <3 ).

The idea here is to grow the partnership between the Muti and Marmaj communities as we continue to plan events together.

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Ok thank you!

We’re currently exploring the new NEARhub space but have definitely grown fond of Bobby’s Places and all its features!

For marketing (especially twitter) when tweeting about it, we’ve added the Marmaj account and also shared guides, the NFTs and updates :slight_smile:

As for the NFTs, those have been created of the Metaverse DAO during their reports, the splits have been added by them. From what I am aware, they are not being sold but if this should happen again, we will ask them to actively add the MMJ DAO address as well!

Thanks a lot for this collab so far, looking forward to many more!