[Approved, 2 months, $1400] January 2023 - Social Media Moderation budget for BeeTogether

hi @Dacha @so608 @piyush

I received the transaction of 0.1 NEAR to the near wallet beetogether_org.near. Thank you.
I assume this was the “test-transaction” for the payout?

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Your proposal has been approved since January 16th if am not mistaken!!
What’s the difficulty you’re having now?

hi @Psalmy
Thank you for your response. Yes, it was approved in January.
I am just wondering how I get the payout now. It is my first time getting a grant through Marketing-DAO and would like to know how to proceed. I received 0.1 from sptunik.marketing-dao.near to our wallet. Do I need to do another step to get the full payout?

hi @Psalmy @Dacha @so608

Would love to get your help on the payout process because it is our first time.
We received the “test-transaction” NEAR Explorer | Transaction
But not yet the full payout.

I appreciate your support and your help. Thank you in advance.


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Here your proposal has been approved Proposal since Jan
But later rejected this month here :point_down::point_down:

And reasons was cause you made a transfer instead of a poll, through the comments here by @cryptocredit

So you’ve to make another proposal , proposal a poll not a transfer with your approved forum link so the council can make a vote.

While making the proposal tap the icon where the red arrow is directed and change the option from “propose a transfer” and replace with “propose a poll” then you can add your description and forum link then I think that’s it :ok_hand:
Sorry for the late response


hi @Psalmy and @Dacha

Thank you Psalm for the explanation. I did that:

new poll proposal: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-637

old poll proposal that has 3 thumbs up: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-610

Is that now the final step?

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The marketing DAO council with voting power would make a vote now on the poll and they would guide you on your next step.
@Dacha @cryptocredit @satojandro @so608 please can you attend to her poll? Thanks as her proposal has been approved long time ago in Bethlehem(kidding) lol :joy: so she can get funding support , thanks and have a lovely and blissful weekend

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Hi @Psalmy

Thank you a lot for helping out.

Looking forward to the payout so I can pay our freelancers. Thank you in advance @Dacha @cryptocredit @satojandro @so608

Have a lovely evening


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hey @Psalmy and @cryptocredit @satojandro @so608

Thank you for sending the test amount to our wallet. NEAR Explorer | Transaction
→ I received the 0.1 NEAR

What is the next step to get the full payout. I would love to pay my freelancers with that payout :slight_smile:

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Hello @claudinhabelha if your poll has been approved please find time to fill this Form thanks and do have a good day :relieved:


hi @Psalmy

Form filled :wink: thank you for the support.

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hi @Psalmy @cryptocredit @Dacha

Fractal ID approved our company through the form/tool.
I guess now we are ready for the payout.

have a lovely day


Glad to hear Goodnews take care @claudinhabelha have a nice day too.
Keep building and keep tractions :upside_down_face: