( Appeal ) To return funds from C1 / NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition )

Hello NxM Councils and founders @Paul @Monish016 @vandal and to the NEAR Web3 ecosystem at large.

I am today proposing to receive back the $500 in $NEAR returned by John X out of confusion from the past NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition ).

After explaining to the forum what truly transpired between us ( Event team ) and John X i believe there’s an understandable reason why we need to settle the debt of @Roxy for editing the event video/ 113 pictures and myself for the wallet activation token so that i can amicably return the properties of this young dude to him and protect my energy.

I’m open to questions if there is any coming my way prior to why and what. I believe it’s alright to give things time to see how it unfolds and it’s crystal clear now why things happen and i won’t like to be in support of anyone’s selfish/disrespectful behavior as my personality forbid such act so i appeal to everyone to look into this and give their opinion on what is going to happen.

Tagging the past event team @Sammiee @ELKHUSH @Mr_Royalty and @JCB

Peace :v:


Hey @Dedeukwu
Could you please provide more specific information about the costs of the project?
What exact actions the $500 are going to cover?

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Yeah sure fam

So the $500 will cover paying $100 for editing the video then $100 for editing the 113 pictures,
My wallet activation token of 7.3 $NEAR max of $100 then the $100 to the C1 Gallery Cryptovoxels for the virtual space of this event.
The remaining $100 is what’s left and agreed to be split between making reports and proposal from C1 Guild/ NxM Guild.

From the screenshot i sent in the report under @JohnX comment the total cost of this event budget is 1.26,050 Naira except the editing of the contents and my wallet activation token.
$3,500 converted to Naira is total of 1.455 Million Naira.


Please @Dedeukwu make sure you tag my forum name next time you have me involved in a conversation with my name in your mouth.

I dont know what you mean by confusion, but it’s obvious where the confusion is here…

I would like to bring the attention of @mecsbecs and @David_NEAR to asking you this questions…

Why has it being more than a month after the event held do you remember that NxM $500 balance?

** On what record was it that the balance of NxM $500 balance would be for wallet activation and editor when there was already a budget for that in the generic C1 proposal?**

When you wrote the original report for the Event as it happened why wasn’t there an original complaint about non receipt of the NxM $500 balance from me?

The only answers to these questions is that:

Firstly, you couldn’t bring the matter up because the event already happened and got executed and everything had been paid for even though frivolously price-hiked. You had already received your bounty from the over surplus C1 budget and the other team had received theirs… And we were already back in Lagos before I remembered that there was a balance of @NxM $500 balance to be collected

Secondly, in the proposal to receive $1000 from NxM which I personally wrote, there was no record of the NxM money being used for wallet activation or video editing… All that was already accounted for in the C1 $2000 budget for the show

Thirdly, you wrote a report about the success of the Abuja event on the 21st of February without the incident of missing or deficient $500 from me or NxM…?

Finally, I want to bring @JCB in to also justify himself in his own truth that he knew about this incident before it escalated to this point… JCB knows that @Mr_Royalty who is Dedeukwu’s junior brother received a good bounty money without being part of the event in Abuja…

JCB please pull out the telegram group conversation where your C1 colleague said that NXM $500 was meant to be shared $100 each among him, Sammie, elkush and his junior brother…
Say the truth, was that an accountable rationale behind the funds being disbursed… Was that how it was intended in the original proposal for request for $1000 from NxM

What was @Mr_Royalty role in the event… Why did he receive money from an event he did not participate and was present in… Such nepotism… For work that was not even done… $100 of NEAR money without any account … it baffles…

You can have my Canon T7 DSLR Camera, My Two Dell Laptops, and my premium clothes and shoes of living glamorous … This is 5D bro

@larkim @sterryo @tabear @vandal @Monish016 @duOCELOT @thephilosopher @beetlejuice @FritzWorm

Here is a bait conversation set by Dedeukwu baby mama @Purpledots in a bid to “create a soft landing and cover up the truth”

And one major important point… Why is the messages in the telegram group all wiped and no messages are available for view to the moderators who would like to take a look?

The same link ELkush mentioned here

In this telegram group chat would the whole truth have being made clear

Of how the money was planned to split accordingly with $100 to everyone and even Mr royalty who didn’t even participate or attend the event to receive money… Because he is your junior brother?

@JohnX , I’m much more disappointed in your height of ignorance and ungrateful lifestyle. From the first time I set my eyes on you: my spirit told me two things (a) to beware of YOU. (b) that YOU need help. I don’t dive quickly into people or their actions until I have an inexcusable cause to. I thought my now, you would have seen how shameless most of the things you spit from your mouth, how degrading and down casting it is to the entire human race. I was meant to reprimand your actions on the thread of your previous post. But I couldn’t, because I thought you needed to be well spoken to and at a point I realized how tough it has become with you hence your deranged words. So I thought it was best to shed a little light in your part by being of assistance and overlooking the mess you made of an entire country and African continent at large for a sheer wickedness from whatever you call this.

And then you finally put up a huge accusation and name’s calling from a ”people’s personal life”. Damn! @JohnX SMH
Peace be unto you for my time wasted in looking at how to reach you personally to help.
Before I took up the courage to search your handle, I kept saying to myself, ”this is me again stepping out of my way for other people”. I said well, I have to try to help. That’s just me.
And for you @JohnX bringing my name into this very nonchalant act of yours and accusing someone who had no slightest idea of what I intended to speak with you. I now see you’re more confused but that’s your thing because “how you make your bed, so you lie in it” .


Hey guys, Muting this and a handful of other threads whilst the NF team investigates concerns raised by a number of Community Members.