Another one side of marketing (part 1)

Good morning. I am an independent community member, don’t have any relationship with NF team. I like NEAR ecosystem, you do fantastic things. I was inspired after SASHA’s speech on AMA session about our blockchain future.

A month ago @jcatnear created a post The Marketing DAO Vertical about new funding procedure for many marketing activities like Growth Hacking, Social Media, Translations, Blogs, PR and Paid Media, Influencers, Events, Merch / Swag, Memes, Communicatio and other paid efforts. It’s a great step-by-step instruction. Furthermore, @shreyas clarified some things to me:

One thing that I wanted to add here, and perhaps isn’t as clear as it should’ve been, is that all the DAO verticals are heading to a direction where they will be governed by the community.

Nevertheless, some community members like @Ozymandius and @Grace don’t care about the new payout request procedure, community questions, ignoring them. A week ago @Ozymandius Funding the NEAR Army for July requested a funding for his army… I had some questions however, @Grace approved it.

"I am in full support of the work of the NEAR army, as I am in full support of the work of the Guilds that @Ozymandius manages and any other activity that aligns efforts to increase ecosystem value " she said.

Overall @Grace @mecsbecs and @shreyas approved 37 200 NEAR (June, July, August) for @Ozymandius hidden from community purposes. Who are you mister X , Ozy? What are you and your army doing?

I did my own little research and that I have:

~ Sixty army’s members was hired through a special excel form NEAR Community Degens , I am not sure about the hiring process, how @Ozymandius was looking for new members, but now in his team family, friends ( @poddsy @Gullffa @p0k) and a lot of “short term” people. Why short term? Because 53% of 37 200 distributed liquid tokens for Ozy’s team were quickly sold on Binance and other exchanges:

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 5.36.39 PM

Most of tokens were sold by @p0k (ex Sol) team aka Degens (by the way, he is one of @Sandbox council , Attn: @Sofia_Alum )

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 5.42.25 PM

Here is a full Ozy’s scalpers list with their incoming transactions in pdf:
Scalpers.pdf (43.9 KB)

Account names:

miyagi.near via fargo.near
yuppiefab.near via girlsworld007.near

~ 9600 NEARs were sold on July 5 , look at this red candle. Payout from Ozy it’s a great signal to take a margin short

My questions to @Grace and @Ozymandius

  1. Are you long term members in Near Core?
  2. Why are you ignoring community and encourage scalpers (300 NEAR a month), don’t follow community rules (special forms for payroll requests)?
  3. What will you do with “short term” members in your Army?

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 7.30.32 PM


Great post, I hope the NEAR Eco Fund can give all NEAR users a reasonable explanation about it.


Nice conspiracy theory Elliot. I already knew you didn’t know what you were talking about, but just these little mental gymnastics you do - accusing Ozy of market making or thinking that p0k is Sol (lmao) - are chef’s kiss

I’ll break things down as much as I can for you.

The request for a community based marketing initiative came from NEAR Foundation to Ozy, after your beloved Tinsman was sacked. And no, it was not from Grace. It was from Illia himself. The Foundation was asking Ozy to support them with marketing, and it was Erik who wanted to keep the “'degen army” a lowkey group. Why Ozy? Well, I guess because Ozy has been in the ecosystem since May 2020, and he founded 4NTS + grew it into the ecosystem staple it is today.

Here is Illia’s own recommendation for the program on Twitter. If you click the link to the form in the embedded tweet, you will see that it leads to the application form I linked to you before. Seem familiar?

You are right. There is opacity to what the degens do. And that was by design and request. NEAR Foundation has its official line of marketing. Then the community “degens” assist by creating noise on social media, engaging with everyday investors online, hyping up new projects and announcements, and overall lending a hand to grow the at-the-time underdeveloped NEAR community. So the degen army launches in late May 2021, just 2-3 months ago.

With the approval from NEAR core, we started intaking applicants on the basis of a 1 month trial period. If they perform that month, we reward them with 300 near. Our requirement is that they contribute 20 hours of work a week: either in quality or quantity. If they fail to perform, we cut them off. Ozy and I were personally monitoring activity in the first two months: checking their activity and engagement levels on Twitter, frequency in our Telegram chat, how much they contributed to Telegram moderation for NEAR official chats, whether they contributed in their own way my producing content or networking with other communities/projects etc.

We started with about 30 originally, then grew to 50. But more than half the people we started with in late May were cut out. As a result, the 50 we have now range from highly active people who basically take this as full time work, each of them leading their own sub-teams with specific activities (which I will list below), to people who regularly put in 20 hours of work a week by tweeting about NEAR, growing an audience to create better reach, moderating + engaging with ppl in the chats on Telegram, participating in testnet for NEAR projects, creating their own guilds to share tips on DeFi and so on.

Here is the rough organizational structure we have so far.

  1. Reddit/BitcoinTalk/Youtube Comments team: see report on metrics here report

  2. Youtube team: NEAR Degen Syndicate

Their July report: NEAR-Degen-Syndicate-stats - Google Docs

  1. Twitter team.
    Members who do not belong to a specific group activity focus their efforts on Twitter. This means everything from RTing and liking NEAR related content, to targeting influencers, to creating threads sharing info on NEAR, creating and posting memes, growing an audience to become a KOL with a xxx.near name so as to give NEAR that much more exposure… etc. So in general, increasing NEAR’s social volume and supporting NEAR marketing.

Here’s is the list of all the current degen members on Twitter:

These people come here everyday, some every few hours. The content varies from simple shills, original memes, more sophisticated threads, key infographics for NEAR news and projects, and even community organized giveaways. If you are on Twitter and follow NEAR topics, chances are you have seen some of our degens’ tweets.

Chances are, if or AwesomeNEAR or Metapool etc post a tweet about their event or launch, within the first 10 minutes dozens of likes and RTs - at any given point during the day - will have come from the degens. This is also why more than half of the “Marketing Distribution” chat for NEAR on Telegram consists of people in the degen group! Because they are always here and always ready to go for NEAR.

In terms of metrics, as of last month, we cut off 10+ ppl from the previous 60 we were trialing. The people who survived produced between 200k to 20k impressions on Twitter in the month of July. We do not yet have statistics for August, well because August only started.

July: last 28 days analytics (*Twitter analytics of members who are primarily in other groups are also included. Some other users are missing simply because this was just a trial for the system we were going to establish from this month on)

Handle On Twitter I mainly… Date of Recording Tweets Impressions Profile Visits Mentions Followers (+ new) 1 2 3 Your Personal Best (even if it’s not your best performing tweet, if it was high quality or a useful thread, has potential etc)
hotdefisummer write my own tweets 7.25 123 54.8k 5309 287 266 (+39)
rimberjack write my own tweets 7.25 40 19.2K 2117 51 81 (+57)
Seven7aa1 write my own tweets 7.28 13 4.5K 946 3 47(+51)
teamnearster create content 7/30 59 51.7k 8860 33 160(+84)
teamtechcharcha create content 7/30 40 12.2K 1418 14 129(+26)
cryptomann31 write my own tweets 7.3 90 20.4k 628 9 89(+44)
NearScout write my own tweets 7.26 59 35.2K 2266 30 248 (+84)
Nearians_ create content 7.25 38 174.7K 27.2K 87 1,867 (+383)
Near_Mates create content 7.25 94 233K 20.3K 137 780 (+158)
puff_omega write my own tweets 7.3 82 15.2k 482 6 81(+38)
Poddsy2 write my own tweets 7.27 18 11K 2116 43 79
AlexBert99 write my own tweets 7.27 63 38k 6,692 71 269(+163)
rendal73 write my own tweets 7.27 127 34.9K 7,343 21 117(+58)
PoderCripto create content 7.28 128 26.1K 4396 16 84 (+47)
Ihor67545346 7.27 12 6.4K 1116 8 50(+23)
gullffa just RT/like 7/30 11 7.4k 1.3k 11 49(+10)
zangart90 write my own tweets 7.26 55 33.3K 2388 113 240 (+75)
VietnamNear write my own tweets 7.26 133 137K 16.2K 164 513 (+231)
haenko21 write my own tweets 7.27 81 32K 2,773 39 124(+37)
investor_alison write my own tweets 7.25 197 54.9k 5,533 239 182
Cookie0x write my own tweets 7.26 27 12.1k 279 14 34(+12)
cryptogarik write my own tweets 7.3 53 28k 1925 23 94(+35)
her0sa write my own tweets 7/27 23 10.7k 144 5 99
Coin_Hunting write my own tweets 27/7 38 10.1k 3,561 10 301
Cryptolover50 write my own tweets 7/31 110 14k 984 29 335(+211)
Ratatoesker_ write my own tweets 26/7/21 98 30.6k 1310 44 111(+70)
blockchain312k9 create content 7.26 122 75.4K 4766 103 297(+53)
Hes_9ce write my own tweets 27.7 26 10.1k 1015 15 2036(+7)
TechviberNG write my own tweets 26/7/21 150 61.5K 2,281 99 4233(+84)
King_Vicky_ write my own tweets 27/7/21 67 40.4k 766 45 1687(+18)
nearhodler write my own tweets 7/28 120 29.3K 1480 29 86(+50)
MalecOleg just RT/like 27.7 14 16.9 2520 10 377 (+107)
kkdarla_ write my own tweets 7/27 19 12.8
jasperNT2 write my own tweets 7/27 40 10.9 844 20 85(+83)
veshorg write my own tweets 7/29 15 13.5 1023 6 150(+15)
zeitwarp write my own tweets / like 7/29 60 23K 5035 56 250 (+33)
SEM967222959 write my own tweets 7.3 139 35.3k 836 39 49(+47)
ART_SLACKER own tweets/retweets 30/7/21 78 23.4K 4035 34 67(+34)
Near_TRASH own tweets/retweets 30/7/22 16 1.5K 455 23 15(+7)

Now let’s get back to your “investigation”. I’m curious as to why you, or any of the devs in your Russian community chat who’ve been gassing you up, simply didn’t just speak with Ozy. Or me. You know I replied to you in the original forum post. You’ve seen me in your Russian chat.

Ozy offered initially didn’t he? Or why not talk with anyone else in the NEAR Foundation - given that the it would have been relatively easy for Evgeny or Vadim to do that? How is your “investigation” this sloppy and reliant on your own imagination than any real evidence? You had already determined that people were stealing money. And you looked at evidence to fit your narrative. Rather than asking someone who might actually know. Or simply agreeing to a conversation when it was offered.

As for the NEAR that the degens have been “selling.” How would you know if it went to Binance to be sold or to be staked? Because that’s what p0k - who you name - has been doing.

And second of all, if so, so what? It’s called having an income. These people work this hard and genuinely devote themselves to NEAR because they make money that is good enough to motivate them. You think you could do this with zero pay or locked tokens? I would love to see you try.

The thing is, NEAR needs this more than we do them. Because a community doesn’t just blossom by itself. You don’t have a healthy, robust ecosystem just because numba go up. Especially not if it’s potentially a bear market and there aren’t enough active dapps yet to steadily grow a user base. Yet what we have now today - when I see the NEAR chats, the newcomers who have taken up roles in DeFi DAOs and the guild program, and twitter - what we have now is so much more lively and bigger than what we had mere months ago. If you don’t think that’s valuable, and worth spending 300 near per person to foster, that’s your loss.


I think you also have to do clear research about the work of Near Degen before posting this. There are some bad examples in the community, we always have. It takes time to delete them and refresh the community for real degens.
However, did you make research about how we boost the social signals on Twitter for the whole Near Ecosystem? July is a bad month in the market, everyone has a bad time. Did you make research for this month’s rewards?
Your data do not show everything, it’s just a small side of what you are looking at.


Those 300 NEAR does not come free FYI. As @rimberjack has mentioned in her post, there are certain metrics to be met, if not the members are oust. Overtime the ones who remains will be the ones who consistently perform.

It’s like being paid for a job, you are free to do what you want with the payout. That being said, sending to Binance does not always means selling. Binance has a lucrative NEAR staking program incase you are unaware, and a number of a degens HODL their NEAR on another wallet, using Binance as the intermediary to transit payouts for privacy reasons.

It is unprofessional to come out with accusations without first clarifying the facts. @Ozymandius has done so much for the community, too much in fact. If you were to divert this energy and use it to dig out the things he did, I am very sure you’ll be more than impressed. Look at the number of events he has hosted. The quality of posts coming from 4NTS Guild and also what is recently built.

You mentioned in one of the earlier posts that NEAR has no marketing, now that the platform is almost ready for the next level of adoption + sharding implementation coming soon.

We all want to see NEAR succeed. We have the tech, the people, the brains, the community and on-chain metrics to back things up. All the stars are aligned. There is no better time to mass market and this program helps with it.


Anyway, please stop DAO immediately, DAO does not bring effective growth to NEAR ecology.


I honestly can’t believe you spent so much time writing this post and chasing so many transactions, whilst claiming to be an active member of the community, and you still don’t know who Ozy is… There are at least 100 hours of video of him personally hosting every one of us, who have been working around the clock, for months, on the ecosystem.

Some of the results are tangible now, some are building up, some initiatives may fail and some may be private. The point is that there are many teams of people working hard with a goal in common. It is extremely troubling that you have repeatedly accused people of wrong doing.

Lets establish a few things first:

  1. We have an open door policy. If you wanted to spend as much time BUILDING as you spend tearing down others, you too would have access to funds. Absolutely nothing the Degens, or anyone else is doing, is holding you back or harming you;
  2. You attack the basic principle of financial freedom. Guess what, when we pay people they are able to decide how they spend their funds. They are entitled to sell their coins. If we wanted to have a vesting schedule we would’ve included one;
  3. You are implying that a small group of 300 NEAR each is moving the market. This is laughable at best. There is a direct correlation between Near’s price and the rest of the market. Also, liquidity is deep enough in Binance that 9600 Near would not make much of a difference in price, specially to alter a trend.
  4. You are implying that not only is a small group of people, selling a negligible amount of Near that they are entitled to and does not alone move markets, but you dare go the extra mile and make completely unsubstantiated claims about them scalping.

No one here knows who you are, but everyone you are accusing of, including the entire Near Core team, knows each other and have been working closely for months. Is this your vision of ‘community governance’ - you appear sporadically out of nowhere attempting to set everything on fire and making wild claims?

Your behaviour is extremely damaging to the ecosystem. In particular, your relentless personal attacks aimed at destroying individuals’ reputation and damage their career are disgusting. At this point it is extremely hard to believe you have any good intentions at all.

I would expect you to retract some of your statement and apologise publicly to the people you intended to defame.


can u give me some metrics or data to backup what are you talking about?

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Before making accusations, it would be best to have all facts beforehand. I’m one of the very first degens and I haven’t sold a single NEAR token despite the fact that I sent a couple to binance overtime. however, it was for the sole purpose of staking them because binance staking apy was around 13%+ at that time (~2%+ higher than that of near-staking. the move was simply to put my near to work and I’ve since sent them back to my near wallet for staking and farming on ref Finance with some tokens being locked because of longer staking periods.

…Also, there was a dip in the overall crypto markets on the said day ~ 5th May.


Oh, I see @Ozymandius team here. Let’s continue your attack :joy::joy::joy:

Ok dude. Can’t reason with a conspiracy theorist. Have fun in your own world.

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Absolutely man, here is a list of true believers which deserve to be rewarded. Sorry, i didn’t include this list above.

Great guys :

alejandro.near @satojandro
rimberjack.near @rimberjack

True b.pdf (43.0 KB)

all other - scalpers

sold on Binance

No man, you need to work with your team. All scalpers should be terminated.

Can’t believe I have to go all the way to this to reply your comment.

First of all, please get rid of your trolling attitude as this shown you have a personality of a child and have no relevant what so ever with your theories.

Secondly, Want to prove your point is right then do it with a serious attitude since this is not a trolling matter anymore because this thread accuse someone over “Fund Miss-used” and this is a crime, not just your trolling shit to make fun of.

Third, replying people with a meme when trying to make things clear show you have no manner and therefor, your words have no value rather than a piece of garbage ( this should insult garbage under my view)

Fourth, Go do a 10 hour Youtube/Twitter Space face-2-face with the man you accuse of - @Ozymandius. Also bring your proof/evident and if you continue show your childst attitude - please do leave this community alone. We as the community just want the truth/rightful things upon this theories.

So if you want to reply me with a memes/trolling stuff. Please save it for your mother as it would make her happy.


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Waiting for another 47 ozy’s team members comments below. Not surprised. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Only facts.
Dacha article full bullshit :man_facepalming:

Eyy, Please refer to the last sentence of my reply and FYI, I am none of @Ozymandius’s degen team. Just a member of Near Community. So I advice you to save your words and done thing more mature. You did a heavy damage to the Near Community in general rather than help to grow it.


LOL I laughed reading your replies
You are such a pathetic child who are jealous of people getting rewards they deserved.
You just refuse to listen because you know you’re wrong. You even can’t face @Ozymandius 1v1, fact.
and to be clear, I’m not a degen, before you pull up the same bs reason.
Live your life, this community doesn’t want you.