[Announcement] Coinhall launches on the NEAR Network: Real-Time Charting & Analytics

Greetings from the Coinhall Team! We are excited to announce that real-time price charting & analytics services are now live for NEAR users on our website here: NEAR Coinhall

According to AwesomeNear, as of 27th July 2022, there are already 720 projects building on the network. This makes it increasingly difficult to keep track of asset information and on-chain data. Thus, our goal is to reduce information asymmetry while making trading decisions. Coinhall sees price charts and analytics as a public good to provide for the NEAR ecosystem.

Coinhall provides a clean, reliable platform for users to access on-chain NEAR data, including price data, market cap, volume, liquidity pool yields, and past transactions, with full TradingView functionality. This means that NEAR users can now access the best user experience in terms of transparency and ease for checking NEAR native assets information on Coinhall.

On top of that, Coinhall have also extended our services to provide the asset information via a Telegram price bot. Users may interact with the bot and add it to their group-chats (CoinhallBot) to get the latest data at the tip of their fingers in their chats.

Social Networks & Community

Follow us on Twitter: @coinhall_org
Come chat with us on Telegram: @coinhall_org
Website: coinhall.org

We aim to be actively involved in the NEAR community, and the team will also be attending the following events:

  • NEAR Singapore: 29th July 2022 (Co-Founder, Joseph Lim, will be speaking)
  • Coinfest Indonesia: 25th - 26th August 2022
  • NEARcon Lisbon: 11th - 14th September 2022

We believe in also getting to fully understand the ecosystem as we join! Thus, we have also dropped a NEAR guide on our Notion for all new or existing users. You can view the guide under the link provided in our Twitter Bio!

Our launch on NEAR marks the start of an exciting journey ahead with many more passionate builders and enthusiasts; Please feel free to drop the team at Coinhall a message anytime, we are keen to connect with all NEARians!

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Hello @speicherx welcome to Near.
what a good news


Thanks so much, happy to be here!

And yes, we look forward to connecting more with the community be it online/off-line :smiley:

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