[Announcement] Blaqk Stereo Dao exit from CDAO (Creatives Dao)

Hello Community,

I’d like to thank CDao @creativesdao-council for their tremendous support through-out this bear market season, We have really come a long way and we are super grateful for all the support.

However at this point, its quite clear the CDao no longer wants to supports the Blaqk Stereo Dao Community initiative which we understand quite well.

We are a multi-chain community and we will continue our work regardless cause we have very much charted the course of our sustainability plans.

We will continue building and finding sustainable solutions to make creativity rewarding for all creatives not just in Africa but across board.

However at this point, we will be parting ways with CDao to no longer be an entity under the Cdao umbrella.
I believe we have over stayed our welcome​:slightly_smiling_face: and we can very much strive on our own.

Thanks so much for the love and support and Godspeed. Wish you’ll a wonderful holiday and a fruitful 2024 ahead.:pray: