[ ANNOUCEMENT ] TheWORKSHIP Descentralized Creative Studio

Hello NEAR Workers and Professionals of the Creative Industry

We present our Decentralized Creative Studio, theWORKSHIP.

We’ve created a system to build and attend projects aimed at the web3 environment and its ecosystem.

Using AstroDAO, we will be able to bring a DAO experience to the newcomers, so they can get used to the DAO system as the theWORKSHIP DAO will process the payouts.

Each new member will be part of the Accommodation Group and will have a vote on the payouts ( this is being built at the AstroDAO and will be working soon )

The community is working as a professional studio, divided into projects. Each project has its own rules and dynamics.

From time to time, we will open new positions as the demand increases.

If you want to participate fill this form, please

By now, we have participants selected by our guild councils to occupy the chairs that were on demand.

We will have an open call soon. Stay tuned.

As a professional background, most communication is available only for the projects team. There’s a central chat, but only for NEAR core members and guild leaders. If you want to talk, send a DM.

Our main production atm focuses on games, 3D development, and video making.

Our products are:

Sound Design
Graphic Design
Motion Graphics
3D Development
Concept Design
Web Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Digital Game Development
Tabletop Game Development
Script Development
Book Development
Fineart Printing
3D Printing

And a lot more.

Our crew comprises professionals with vast experience in those areas, and our dynamics of open-source behavior make the possibility to create organic flows and deliver a high standard material.

We are finishing our first jobs, and we will have a reel to show our new products. Please leave a message if you want to request some of our services or see our community materials.

We are part of The Clan Guild Ecosystem.

Council Board:



Good Morning! no more vacancy? it would be really cool to work with you. My portfolio:




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@creativesdao-council can we have a tag for our daos? this will be theworkship

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