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@tabear suggested me to use The Education DAO category for projects like this:

We have a creative intent, in the sense that we are going to produce designed NFTs, and we also have an educational intent, given we are bringing academic knoledge to the blockchain.

@mecsbecs, I think I can help to build the Education Category, in the Academy sub-category. I have a team of more than 40 PhD Professors working with me in a John Templeton Foundation funded project, and I think we can build many things here, by building projects that will bridge the Academy and the blockchain. Beyond projects, I think my capacity to build communities is proven by the projects I’ve built on NEAR (like Gambiarra gallery and DAO, and Metaverse DAO), and I propose we can develop a Vertical just like the Creatives, to build NEAR presence at the Academy and bring the academic researchers to NEAR Blockchain. It seems the Education Category is not well developed on the forum, and maybe I can help. Or does the Education DAO category happens in another forum?

We should use this category for educational projects, like publisihing academic books (or building a publisher) and academic NFTs on NEAR, develop programs and shows to educate people on academic subjects on NEAR Metaverses and Marketplaces, develop radio programs and youtube channels for educational, sponsor academic activity in many subjects with NEAR logo and academic activity about the web 3 and NEAR. This is the way NEAR can start to be used among university students.

This is a different category because it cannot be funded by the Creatives DAO, neither for the Marketing DAO, it is not a technical subject, and it is not funding the activity of teaching about NEAR, but the any educational activity or project that could be brought to the blockchain.

This Category should contain DAOs from each academic area (Mathmatics, Philosophy, Physics, Medicine, International Politics etc.) that would produce projects on the following subjects:

  • Academic Research
  • Academic Publishing
  • Academic Publicizing (media products for non-academics, marketing etc)
  • Academic Application
  • Courses / Teaching (academics and non-academics, many different levels)
  • High School (with the same categories from the academics: research, teaching, extension projects)
  • Near University
  • Near Social Implementation

All the projects must produce products on NEAR Blockchain or build structures on NEAR blockchain to help academics to use the web 3 in their academic projects.

What do you think about this for start?


Hello @thephilosopher, thank you for your thoughts here! You’re right, this subcategory hasn’t gotten much use and the NEAR Education Team has created other subcategories for their updates. Feel free to post your plans in the Education category generally if you’re looking for feedback, but for funding, if the Creatives DAO do not believe your proposal fits there, post in the Community > Guilds subcategory to the Ecosystem Development DAO’s attention.

If there’s interest in turning this subcategory into an Academy one, as you’ve described, that will need to be something decided with @amgando @shashi @olpl @bianca.momand and other members of the NEAR Education Team.

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That is so cool, @mecsbecs! I already start talking to James, from the Community, and he is interested too in taking this far. We just made a category Research at Community Astrodao and we’ve put thephilosophers-dao as the first academic dao there. We want to put 1 dao for each academic area and start a Academy Vertical. I think we have everything we need to start, and there are people from other areas, like academic design and international politics, that are interested in starting a dao for their areas. In philosophy, as I said, I coordinate more than 40 PhD philosophers for a John Templeton Foundation grant. So I think we can enjoy this moment I am in touch with so many academics to develop something beautiful. Templeton funded 16 of the 40 books we are building. I have 24 scholars without funding, beyond many other interesting projects, that would benefit for coming to near and benefit near itself. And I think this could be the begining of near being used inside academic areas.

For exemple, we could develop a project to use near to give fractions of it for good developments in university (this was part of a project i had to develop a cryptocurrency to use in academic areas). There are so many things we can do to develop near inside the academy! And i think we must enjoy timing, and start now that we don’t have any blockchain inside Brazilian universities, as far as I know.

We could replicate that for each academic area.

I really would like to know what NEAR Education Team thinks about it.

How could we get funding to start our projects? Would that be possible in April? I am asking that because I already called some philosophers and university professors to come to near, I already asked them to build their profiles and their projects. I also already talked to the PhDs I coordinate in the book project and they are very excited. I talked to them because I thought we were getting funding through the Creatives. I would like to enjoy their excitement and fund their projects on NEAR. They are still writing. We have 2 or 3 written projects for now, and we are building more, and it would be nice to enjoy timing.

Do you all think it would be possible to acquire funding for our projects for April through Community? I am worried about frustrating our April plans. We were submitting to the Creatives, but one of the mods told us she did not think we were a dao of creative projects. Maybe she was right in a sense, given our academic nature, but I think this is a major opportunity for near, and we should not postpone because of problems in categorization. We’ve built a store for academic books, sponsored by the Writers’ Guild, but we have a design nature on the books, given they are 3d objects made on magica voxel, rendered in a turntable gif, associated with the free pdf academic book, on mintbase, near blockchain. So maybe we could be temporarily sponsored by the Creatives, while we work our path to develop this Academic Vertical for funding?

Sorry for asking and talking so much, but I am worried about April (and, of course, about the other months too).

I sent an email to @shashi, but I don’t know if it was received. In the meantime, I knew James, from Community, that told me that we could try to build the Academic vertical through there. So our links are tagged with community dao tag. Let me bring my links here.