WeNEAR - Monthly Report from Jonathan (China)

As a blockchain developer, I am very happy to join our guild program and be a member of our big family. For this month, I did the following things to let more people know us and join our program.

  1. I have translated the technical docs to Chinese and spread them to my friends and colleagues to encourage them to stake their tokens to secure our network, and let them know how to run a node.
  2. I have attended the NEAR new year party and let more people know us and how to join.
  3. I active in our telegram and WeChat group to answer people’s questions and let them know near is a good project to join and invest in.
  4. I spread our technical docs and use my knowledge to let my friends know how to use Rust to write contracts on NEAR to encourage them to deploy projects on our ecosystem.
  5. We have created a telegram group to concentrate on the technical guide and make more people develop good DAPP in our ecosystem and contribute their knowledge. the link is Telegram: Contact @NEARBUIDL, let’s join in together!

Thank you.


Thanks for the updates, Jonathan! Let us know if we can help in any way.

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