Validator Stealing

Greetings, we run a crypto fund and I had a basic question

Is it possible for a validator to just take the NEAR we’ve staked with them?

Once we’ve delegated our stake then technically they have custody correct? What’s to stop a validator from just going offline and keeping the NEAR that’s staked with them?

I’m concerned because the current staking process in the NEAR wallet doesn’t give any information at all on the validators. No links, reputation, stake held, etc. Very opaque, and doesn’t inspire confidence.

Hey @shaff ,

No, staking your NEAR does not hand over custody to the validator. That would only happen if you choose to utilize a liquid staking solution, such as MetaPool (but in that case you get stNEAR - staked NEAR - in return).

I’d recommend that you take a look at Staking Guide | NEAR Wiki to familiarize yourself with how staking works in detail. It also contains links to help you do your own due diligence about validators.

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