Translate guides into Russian

Hey! I want to be a part of Russian DAO to make Lear Club better! I make 3 translation for you guys! Welcome

Translate guide LearnNear Club into Russian:

Translation: Токеномика 101 для стартапов web3 - Google Docs

Original: Multiverse Fighters - P2E Game on NEAR - Learn NEAR Club
Translation: Multiverse Fighters - P2E игра на NEAR - Google Docs

Original: How to Build on NEAR? Starting Guide - Learn NEAR Club
Translation: Как строить на NEAR - Google Docs

I would be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions!
translator sensei13.near reviewer Profile - 2071punk - NEAR Forum

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@Vladislav_vl25 the russian guild leader would be appropriate to drop his feedback here!

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A surface analysis shows that the translation was done using a translation program with very few changes.

Unfortunately, a full analysis and bringing the text to a reasonable condition will require a fair amount of time.


Of course, translation programs were used. This speeds up the process. A humans in this case checks the correctness of the translation.

If we’re going to talk about analysis, how did you allow previous translations that were obviously done completely without edits?

I independently sampled and analyzed the articles that were translated.

The previous translations are no different from what I put into Google Translate. Only the first words of each of the paragraphs

I don’t work in the LNC, I don’t work there as an editor or someone who admits certain articles.

I was tagged and answered about the quality of the translations that I saw in this topic.

never thought seriously that i’m too old, but i remember times when every article had been translated using writing tools and vocabulary in mind ,
i still follow that line, and use google.translate as a dictionary to translate the meaning of separate words.
not sure that i’m spending more time to compose messages than you do :wink: