The Auction DAO - Looking for Nearians

The Auction DAO is a Secondary #NFT marketplace built on Near. since the mainnet launch, The Auction is already a hub for most artists who actively list their exceptional pieces and arts on our platform. However, we are looking for 2 Nearian who can engage and bring more NFT collectors & artists to our platform with their activity.

We are looking for two community Nearian who can


  • Cross-posting across all social media and communicators
  • Hype all The Auction listed projects and NFTs
  • Engage the community with alpha leaks and more
  • Initiate general talks about The Auction with #NFT collectors and projects


  • Strong Twitter activity
  • Previous experience as a community advisor will be highly preferred
  • Twitter impression with 30K+ for the last month
  • Sound knowledge of NFT and Near ecosystem
  • Work hours: 4 hours a day

Rewards: 400$ in near to each Nearian per month.

Feel free to show your interest in the comment below

@Dacha @FritzWorm Degen Community


I’m really interested but I have no experience and can only market your product to NFT lovers… I’m ready 24 hours because it doesn’t work due to covid 19…I hope I can help your projects to grow it…

Hi @Monish016
I’m really interested on this job, for I’ve experience on degens, and active for tasks

I have all requirements, except tweeter impressions not up to 30k impressions yet, hope I can still be considered

Have good experience on NFT marketing, as I’ve previously worked for Mintbase as a moderator on Reddit.
Thanks for this opportunity would like to be part of the Auction team :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I’m Quite interested in this and how can i apply


I’m highly interested in this, I’m an experienced social media manager, I participated in the just concluded Near mentorship program and equally I have equally managed some community social media channels like the metamon NFT community (discord) Metamon Crew, the 9ja musical (telegram | 9jaMusical) as an intern and others. I will be glad if I’m considered. I have strong knowledge of NFT, an active member of terraspace NFT.

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I am interested in this role. I have experience in Social Media Management and hype; and I will do well if given the opportunity.


I’m already doing this, have been using The Auction from day one, love it. Pick me and I will promote you 'till the cows come home. Above are some of my Twitter stats. My community is pretty engaged! My discord is dPhilosopher#2990 w/ nick calcamonia, and I belong to 100+ Near DC server communities. Also building up on TikTok, if that is of interest. Artist, Developer, Philosopher, endlessly curious. Cheers, calcamonia.near

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This is interesting role @Monish016 :hugs: i support The Auction community ., hoping i took part of this role :sweat_smile: but im not really much influencer person.


hit me up


Heya, I am here If you need my engagement. Thank you


I am very interested in this, my experience may not be greater than yours sir but I will be the best in terms of communication and interaction of various artists, I hope I can join and help you


Hi @Monish016,
I m really interested to work for the Auction DAO

I m working as Social Media Marketer in the NEAR Ecosystem for the past 10 months.
I have Experienced in NFT creation and Projects Propagation. My Twitter handle is @_Near_in (Near India). I worked in OWS last year.
I m well at propagating the projects and Updates with Infographics and can initiate good engagement talks to increase the rate of reach in the social media.



Hello, greetings to all the Near enthusiasts, I am very interested in the position I have a lot of experience with nft and ways to attract new users to this world, I am currently working on an nft project that has had very good results in the twitter area, the account has barely been 2 months active and it already has good numbers I present them below.

Here you can see high activity on twitter and I must add that the entire campaign and what is published is my own, the main purpose of this free horses account is to help people who do not know how to make an nft collection


Wow this is great to be contribute for the auction and hyping through rt on twitter via tele​:heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I am interested buddy, what is next

If it’s still opened, would love to submit my interest :pray:
@johanga108 is my twitter, I’m maintaining GoaDAO twitter and will be happy to grow with Auction DAO

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im interested at this

hello, i am interested in this role, i have previously handled similar roles before entering the near community.

although, relatively new in the space, i’m very dedicated and learning fast.
i’m currently building my own community :

my twitter is also relatively new but did 18k in impression this last 28 days

my knowledge on nfts and near is sound and expansive.
i would love to be considered for this role

This is Nice.
I am very interested in getting more involved with The Auction. I already use it, I shared, I’m keeping an eye on the channels and I really believe that I can be that Nearian to spread the word about. As for the presence in the Near community, since February 2022 I have been immersed in Nearverse. Every day I have achieved more positive results with the projects I am involved in. So, count on me here too.

My twitter @lulucool 13y+ there

Facebook I abandoned in 2018. I have an Instagram account @luluca.ele but I use it little, I even suggest everyone to stop using it.

Discord #aLoca9267
Telegram luluca_l
ALL L: L | Linktree
Luciana Colvara Bachilli (Pelotas, RS, Brazil, 1979) has a degree in communication and is a social media specialist, broadcaster and commercial speaker since 1996, also graduated in class 2016 at the Experimental Dance Group of Porto Alegre. Luluca L was a non-binary trans everything, dissident, contemporary, independent, experimental performer and visual artist between 2015/2020 and died to value their works. In the pandemic, they was reborn as L, post invisible amateur persona, and operates most exclusively in the web3/nft/cryptoart/metaverse ecosystems. Minter at Mintbase, UniqArt, The Auction and Paras, partner of projects, stores, guilds and DAOs. Bounty Hunter on the Near forum. 3xr gallery curator. Head of NFT at @mutha. Also present in Tezos at Teia and 8bidou.


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I am Shruti joshi, I have experience in handling projects as discord MOD and collab manager. I have done 15 collaborations in single day and upto 200-250 per project.

I also have experience in handling twitter account and making post related to marketing for the project.

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