Submit your NEAR project or guild to be advertised by Stars Guild ⭐

Hey Zhunda, I have filled the form to cover RAIZ Vertical Farms project


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Oho, a must promote project! Will catch you up for next month cycle. :hushed::sunny:

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Thanks for taking into consideration :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @Zhunda,

It has been over a month we at Near x Art Dao filled “promo from Near star guild” form and we are yet to receive your support.

Please kindly revisit this as your support will be of great impact.

Many thanks!

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Well, tbh, we don’t promote individual artists cuz it won’t be fair to others. More concntrating on NFT platforms and Dapps.

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Thanks for your response. @Zhunda

Just to clarify, the near x art is a dao and all the project we execute is for the growth of the creatives in our ecosystem. We have a good number of underlined project and also upcoming projects. Some of which are:

  • Creating NFTs to support pet and wildlife

  • Creating collectable NFTs to donate to Ukraine and Russia war victim via unchain.funds (a blockchain donation platform)

  • Ghetto photography: For more info, please check here

Just incase you need further clarification I am always available to have a meeting with you. Feel free to share your calendar.
Thank for your support.
Do have a wonderful weekend.

Hi @Zhunda
Your response will be appreciated

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All righ, if not September then by October will get you onboarded.

NEAR comrades, still you can sumbit your projects for some fancy promo by youtubers.


hey guys, glad to see this post, just a question if this promo is applicable for mainnet or testnet?

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Hey Joseph, better for mainnet for sure to bring new users to project.

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Thanks @Zhunda . Bullish for September :smile::ok_hand:t4:

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thank you for your reply, much appreciated

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Good day community.
Influencer list updated and got few spots left for new projects for October and November.
Ready to share stories about your projects. :cowboy_hat_face: