Stake Wars III - Results FULL LIST


For these who have got Everstake as delegat tion partner, did you get any delegation?

And how to contact them if we have questions?


it’s a Scam Wars lll =(

  • The NF is providing the funds (NEAR) but were not actively involved in the organising of Stake Wars or in the allocation and distribution of the funds. The organising of Stake Wars was a community effort from Pagoda, Meta Pool, Linear, Evestake and Open Shards Alliance. The final distribution of the NEAR to each eligible participant will also be handled by LS providers. (NF is not going to be delegating directly to 150+ participants).
  • The three LS providers have received the exact amount of NEAR tokens to delegate to the eligible SW winners in the amounts listed above. We are just an admin body passing on the SW delegation to winners as determine by competition.
  • As every NEAR received by LS providers has already been allocated to winners, overall LS ‘treasuries’ (we are non-custodial) but I understand what you mean in regards to total amount of TVL available to be distributed does not increase. In this sense, there is an effective segregation between the ‘regular’ NEAR deposited into LS providers by everyday users, which gets distributed to validators based on performance, fees, and concentration, and the NEAR allocated by SW for the specific purpose of granting the list of validators above the specific amount they’ve earned.

Hope this clears things up.

The question which would remain is - what happens to validators who are entitled to received delegation from NF but never join Mainnet? We are working to establish a time period after which that delegation can be redistributed to other SW winners (TBC)


I’m out of space. 750GB+ for mainnet is not going to work for “lowly” Chunk Producers. Please make offering pruning a top priority as many other blockchains already offer it. :roll_eyes:


Hey, do you have an update on the Linear delegations?

Metapool already delegated weeks ago, we others are still waiting, has NF still not sent the funds?

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Thanks for asking. We also want to complete the delegation to validators ASAP.

But we’re still waiting for fund from NF, and have been pushing NF to move forward with the process sooner. The process takes more time than expected due to the holiday. Will let you know for any update.


As an update to this, I postulated there may have been overlapping snapshots downloaded. There seems to be some kind of pseudo-pruning going on when making snapshots, so I wiped data and redownloded just one latest snapshot and the total size decreased to 415GB synced. My criticism still stands about the lack of configurable options for a node’s chain size though. It does not need to go past 500GB except on archive nodes.

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My guess is you have non standard config settings that result in this increased disk space over time. My disk space on mainnet currently is 421 GB and the node has already been running (idle) for three months, increase of only couple GB in this time, very manageable.

I’d recommend to monitor the disk space usage of your node in the next days and If you are running out of disk space fast again, check your config.

Hello all,

I just found this and registered, I can see my “zilinear2.shardnet” has 0 delegated tokens and it’s OK, but in previously released sheet I had 110 UNP and 40 DNP and I hoped I will receive UNP on the mainnet even though I don’t run anything anymore? I passed KYC right when I received it on October 20th. Don’t know where else to ask, I deleted Discord account long time ago because it was too much traffic for me, never used Telegram. (mainnet: stiavnik.near, or you can check my stakewars manual on medium - took me whole weekend back then, link in profile, I was taking this seriously)

Sorry for interruption and good luck, it seems things are getting better at the moment. Thank you.

Hi @satojandro, the question is: some nodes want to unite, could we delegate some winner’s fund to one pull? With their approval, of course, thanks.

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Hey everyone, LiNEAR has finished delegation to all the validators that have submitted the form and assigned to LiNEAR.

If your validator is also assigned to LiNEAR and you’d like to receive your delegation, please fill in the form, DM me your mainnet staking pool ID on Discord (churn#2908) and keep your validator online.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out in #:chains:validators channel in LiNEAR Discord server.


Dear community,

Due to Everstake not being able to handle delegation, it was reassigned to be delegated from Meta Pool and LiNEAR.

Here the list of reassigned delegation.

Delegated tokens Pool ID Delegated from
46,500 phadhazi.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
30,000 qubit2.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
35,000 ait-belhaj.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
40,000 kentnearvn.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
42,500 sopitro.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
40,000 klesh.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
40,000 nearuaguild.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
38,500 physical_bear_pool.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
35,000 johnson.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
32,500 baiojaughost.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
32,500 nftmayhame.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
32,500 leex.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR
26,500 tandemk.factory.shardnet.near Meta Pool
25,000 snoopfear.factory.shardnet.near LiNEAR

For those receiving delegation from Meta Pool YOU HAVE 1 WEEK to setup your node and fill the required form. Feel free to ask any question in Discord or in our Telegram Group for validators: Telegram: Join Group Chat


Good effort to promote decentralization

Hi, do we need to refill the form? Because I’ve already submitted it a month ago :slight_smile:

Hi, i don’t think but wait @cloudmex-alan answer :wink:


Is not required if you already did.


Sorry for my mistake, the form was closed, it is now reopened:



Hi, in order to honor transparency, and considering that registers of validators from stake wars III is now closed, this is the final list of pools delegated by Meta Pool.

Delegation Delegated from Mainnet Pool ID
40,000 Meta Pool nearuaguild.poolv1.near
46,500 Meta Pool minion.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool swissstar.poolv1.near
25,000 Meta Pool stingray.poolv1.near
45,000 Meta Pool spectrum.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool shurik.poolv1.near
45,000 Meta Pool sazhiv.poolv1.near
50,000 Meta Pool ruziev.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool p2pstaking.poolv1.near
30,000 Meta Pool ignor.poolv1.near
42,500 Meta Pool idtcn4.poolv1.near
37,500 Meta Pool iamcryptobro.poolv1.near
42,500 Meta Pool gateomega.poolv1.near
42,500 Meta Pool davaymne.poolv1.near
44,000 Meta Pool blntmain.poolv1.near
37,500 Meta Pool beobeo.poolv1.near
28,500 Meta Pool annanow.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool solidstate.poolv1.near
32,500 Meta Pool apm.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool wackazong.poolv1.near
38,500 Meta Pool upgold.poolv1.near
25,000 Meta Pool trdm.poolv1.near
47,500 Meta Pool neardevvn.poolv1.near
42,500 Meta Pool n_shoko.poolv1.near
40,000 Meta Pool interstakeone.poolv1.near
30,000 Meta Pool ibsblock.poolv1.near
45,000 Meta Pool iamoskvin.poolv1.near
45,000 Meta Pool gritsly.poolv1.near
50,000 Meta Pool encipher.poolv1.near
26,000 Meta Pool nodeverse_2.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool mexa-staking.poolv1.near
50,000 Meta Pool 2pilot.poolv1.near
26,500 Meta Pool hapi.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool shardlabs.poolv1.near
22,500 Meta Pool readylayerone_staking.poolv1.near
50,000 Meta Pool nearkoreahub.poolv1.near
20,000 Meta Pool owa.poolv1.near
35,000 Meta Pool abahmane.poolv1.near

If you are part of this set, feel free to join our validator group to receive news about how Meta Pool is changing the validators ecosystem: Telegram: Join Group Chat