Sandbox [October] Reward Claim of [Zotov#3570]

Claim 1

Type of Activity:
Sandbox Referral Program.

Briefly describe the activity (act or series or both):
4.Act: Bring Developers to NEAR Academy Series: Developer Completes Academy and Becomes NEAR Certified.*
This month I brought to the academy the guys with whom we are engaged in content creation and participate in ambassador programs in the crypt! I told them about the blockchain and
introduced them to Near’s capabilities, after that they went through NEAR Academy and shared their certificates.
Two of them are creating good scripts and have already registered for a course at Near University, I hope they can help the Near ecosystem and make a useful product!

All of them received NEAR Academy certificates.

Provide the link to the end result:

Filippov Yegor Near Academy
Bulatov Boris Near Academy
Korotkov Vladimir Near Academy
Mironov Yegor Near Academy
Petrov Damir Near Academy

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. This has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.
The estimated reward is 150 USD, 5 developers completed the course (30 USD one time per developer) = 30*5 = 150

All awards for October : 150 USD

Can you please open the link here

I just wanna make sure that you didn’t write same people in Near certificates


okay, I will find links to certificates and send them to you, leave me your discord please !

Here is my discord handle elm_mayer#9610

first, I ask the moderator: do I have to do this? can I submit these links to a moderator or are you the reviewing body here?

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Hello @Oiks. Just to clarify: @Dacha Is not a part of our reviewing team, the decision is always made by us. Here you can check out all OWS responsibles: OWS Team: An Introduction

As for the claim: Unfortunately we continue seeing abuse of some of the provided opportunities. Our team has limited resources and cannot verify fake NEAR Academy “completers” nor identify if the accounts are indeed different people. That being said, we announced earlier in the month that we have removed this category for October. We hope to return this category in the future with additional verification processes. Thanks for your contribution!

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Thank You very much for great job and quick reaction.