Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [sanders#7417]


Type of activity: Social networks NEAR Force

Briefly describe the activity:

Maintain the channel: increase the number of subscribers, post updates / news / comments.
Give a link to the final result:
Rate your reward considering all actions: (Daily Activity) 100 $

Hi, I understand and value your efforts, however a sign of community engagement is far more important besides the number of followers, tweets or retweets. We do encourage contributors by trying our best to understand and give you our sincere advice to help you improve your work. We reward for the work that actually reaches out the community and promote NEAR/OWS image, that’s why even good written blogs/article/posts which don’t show their reader engagement also got rejected. Tweeting enough tweets and writing enough blogs is not the point. Unfortunately, I can’t approve your work at the time being. Forwarded a comment from Near Core:

Issue: Your tweets do not show interaction