Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [huhu4714]

1.Create the open Web Sandbox OR NEAR related Account on Twitter, Reddit (has to be NEAR/OWS branded, NOT be your personal account)
2. Social Media NEAR Force
3.Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments
Shill the Sandbox: Post Rewards / Opportunities / Events / and Awesomeness from the Sandbox
4.The link to the end result :
Reward : 100 USD (daily activity throughout the month)
1.Create an infographic for a project or a concept related to NEAR AND post it on active social media
2. Content Creation
3.The link to the end result :

Reward : 10 * 21= 210 USD
Total reward : 300 USD

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Good evening. Cool infographics, but Twitter account has 85% of retweets …

Hi, @long. Thank you for your work with OWS.

Claim #1 Social Media Near Enforce Approved
Claim #2 Infographics - 1,2,4,5,6,14,15,17,20,21 Approved , Other Infographics are rejected due to not Enough Likes to Qualify. You need a minimum of 3 likes from the community.

Total Approved : 100+100 = 200 USD

Feedback: The Infographics are pretty Neat. I would suggest keeping Aligned to the grid and Adding More Tags and Hashtags to Generate Engagement in the community.
This AMA with Joep can help you manage Social Media Account Engagement very well.


Hi @long

Have you considered using a different profile logo?:slight_smile:

The one your Twitter has now is outdated. I would not recommend using exactly the same as OWS official one. Maybe we could try to come up with something original for yours?