1. Type Of Activity: Social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:
    Sustain Your Channel: Grow your followers,posting updates/news/comments.
    3)Link Provided to the end result on twitter:

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Bringing People to the Sandbox

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Brought one person to $Near OWS
    3)Link Of the person:

Estimated Rewards: 3 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Creation Of Channel

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of a twitter channel

3)Twitter Link:

Estimated Rewards: 3USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Bonus for reaching x followers

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Bonus for reaching 100 followers

Estimated Rewards: 50 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Memes Creation

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 15 memes

  3. Link Provided to the end result on twitter:

Estimated Rewards: 90 USD

Total Estimated Rewards: 100USD+3USD+3USD+50USD+90USD = 246USD

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Approved: $3 (creation of twitter) + $3 + $50 (occasional).

5 * $5 (memes) = $25.
The rest fo the memes did not meet our requirements for community likes. The majority of your likes are from the same cloned accounts.

Your Twitter activity and presence should be improved to reflect our goal of community building. Right now your account is not reflecting this. We look forward to more engagement by you with the larger community.

tot: $81

I posted daily on my twitter account,how come you are saying I posted occasionally…

Pls check it again and most of my post had more than 3 engagements.

What about my claim 1,claim 2 and claim 4

Thank you for your feedback, here are some details for you!

There is no bonus for reaching 100 followers. The bonus is for 200/500/1000.

You have not provided evidence of how you have brought a new member to OWS. This is done by them saying so in the contributor form.

You missed roughly 5 days for daily activity.

We hope this clears it out :slight_smile:

Going through my post on twitter,it was just 13th and 14th I did not make any post…And normally we are to submit reward proposal from on the 20th to 25th of every month,going by this we are to make post at least 20 days in a month which I met up with

Going by your comment concerning my memes,can you pls kindly show me the 5 memes that met the requirements so I can improve on that.