Sandbox [November 2021] Reward Claim of [NEARPRIME#6413]

Hi NEARians, this claim is for November. In my first month as a contributor I created 15 memes with daily activity we also reached 100 followers.

Promotion: Social Media NEAR Force

  • Content Creation → Memes → Collection of 15 memes
  • Social Media NEAR Force → Creation of a channel → reached 100 followers

Claim 1 = 75 USD (for a collection of 15 memes)

Claim 2 = 50 USD (occasional tweets with caption, min 3 posts/

week) + 3 USD (Twitter Account Creation Bonus) = 53 USD.

Claim 3= 3 USD Creation Bonus

Estimated rewards = 128 usd


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Welcome ! Where are you from ?

Good work → Almost Approved :white_check_mark:

Did you fill the contribution profile form ?

Contributor Form

From Dominican Republic

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Welcome ! Nice to see a new contributor on Republica Dominicana. I like your memes!

@Portes Hey ! Hope u are doing great ! You can reach out your other members and start a Guild there will be nice to see someone building community there !

@NEARPRIME Please fill the form it is a requirement, and also you can be active on the discord channel we have an spanish channel, so you can share there with all of other ES speakers your work and the collaboration will improve. (=

Hope you can submit again your work for december to be approved :pray:


It was Almost Approved earlier, but your reply was late, I am asking if we are still in time for doing the change. Please wait. Edit: DONE :100: 15 NEAR REWARD