Sandbox [NOVEMBER 2021] Claim the reward [nearbharat#1648]

Claim #1: NEAR Blog Translation

  1. Act.

  2. Type of Activity: Translation.

  3. Briefly describe the activity: I Translate NEAR Blogs and posted them on Medium.

  4. Provide the link to the end result:
    Sandbox [NOVEMBER 2021] reward - Google Docs

  5. UP TO 500 WORDS
    2 blogs (2*25 = 50 USD )

  6. UP TO 1500 WORDS
    2 Blogs (6*25 = 150 USD)

  7. UP TO 2500 WORDS
    1 Blog (5*25 = 125 USD)

Estimate reward accounting for all the activities: 50USD + 150USD + 125USD = 325USD

Max Claim 300 USD



Hey @NEARBharat, Thank you for your Contribution in OWS.

The claim has been Approved by OWS Moderator for 300 USD.

Feedback: Whatever you have Done is Incredible, but this is lost in Space, I could not say how many have been benefited from this. my Suggestion is to Post on Active Social Media Platforms, Maybe in Near India Guild. This Could help Benefit other. Thank you


Hello, adding to what Monish said, is that you should share your content not only on Medium but Twitter also, so all of us can see it like and retweet, so more people can enjoy your work !

Thanks :white_check_mark: :beers: :sunglasses:

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Yes of course I will do it.

Yes I will do. Thank you