Sandbox (July) Reward claim of ( Ighomaria Humphrey#6494)

Claim 1

2.Type of Activity: Social Media NEAR Force
3.Briefly describe the activity:
Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments
Provide the link to the end result :
4.Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 40 NEAR

Claim 2

2.Type of Activity: Meme and Translated Meme
3.Briefly describe the activity:
Created and shared memes in English and translated them into Pidgin English(Nigerian Pidgin - Wikipedia)
Total : 277 memes
4.Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 554 NEAR
5.Provide the link to the end result:



Claim 3

Write an article + Graphics

Link :


DM sent on Discord, needs to be edited

Approved for a DAO proposal for 562 NEAR

Where is the mention? sandbox и near? And so in every meme!

Has the 30 memes limit been working since August? And a person has a July application?

I’m ready to become a memes quality control moderator please accept me!

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Thanks for your concern, this issue is settled with the contributor :slight_smile:
The limit of 30 memes per person per month is effective as of the 1st of August indeed, this concerns the July payout.

Also, appreciate your eagerness, we are currently working on the meme gatekeeping and will keep you candidacy in mind!

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A person applied to the Tao for payment, 1 person has already accepted him, I have now checked his work, and he has not corrected his memes? :roll_eyes:

I will correct it, thanks for it

Just those ones, sorry I mistakenly use the pidgin English instead of the normal English

I have already done it, you can go and check it to confirm


Sorry for stressing you , I have done it

Twitter account got suspended?