SANDBOX [JANUARY] REWARD CLAIM OF [Steveben#1450][stevenben.near]


  1. Type of Activity: Social Media Near 

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Sustain 
      your Channel: Grow your Followers
      posting updates/news/comments 

  3. Link provided to the end result on twitter

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD

     2$Near Bonus For December

Total Estimated Rewards 100 USD plus 2$Near

Hi there, thanks for your submission, your proposal will be reviewed by the due time. Meanwhile, please correct your title as:

Sandbox [Relevant month] Reward Claim of [Your discord handle] [Your NEAR Wallet]

(January is fine) this helps us a lot in analyzing our data. Thank you.

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Thank you sir i have done it :handshake:

Hello @Steveben

Since we are only paying out for half the month in January, your Twitter activity can be compensated for the first two weeks.

Approved for 52 USD