Sandbox January reward claim of kingsley#2058


  1. Type of activity: creation of channel
  2. Briefly Describe the activity: Creation of 
      a Twitter channel

  3. Twitter link:

Estimated Rewards: 3 USD


  1. Type of Activity: Social media Near 

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:
      Sustain your channel: Grow your 
      Posting, updates/news/comments

  3. Link provided to the end result on 

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD

CLAIM 3: December 2021 bonus = 2NEAR

Total Estimated Rewards 100 USD + 3 USD + 2Near= 105USD

Approved: $3 + $50 (occasional activity).

Tot: $53

Feedback: Great to have you on board! We appreciate your commitment and your Twitter adds value to the community. The reason we could not give you ‘daily activity’ is because you did not post daily throughout the month. I am sure you understand how this requirement works, if not go here, so we look forward to more consistent engagement by you next month to be rewarded for daily activity. Thanks!