Sandbox [January] Reward claim of [Devishree#2800]

OWS Claim Sheet

Claim 1: Sustain your channel:

Act: Daily retweets with captions

Activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @NearSwitchto

Number of Followers: 500+

Link for the Activity:

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 100 USD.

Twitter Devi.jpeg - Google Drive

Claim 2: OWS Survey

Activity: Participated in OWS Survey

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 2 NEAR

Total Rewards = 100 USD + 2 $NEAR.

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Hey @Devi,

Concerning your Previous December Month Claim, You have Copied Content From Other Twitter accounts, Which you had Banned from Contributing towards OWS. Hence I could not Accept This Claim.