Sandbox [January] Reward Claim of [Bernard Jeba Raja#3755]

Claim #1: Social media channel


Type of activity: Social media NEAR force

Briefly describe the activity: Grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments. And activities with captions.

Provide the link to the end result: @NearChennai

Estimate your reward accounting for the activities: $100 USD

Claim#2 : Content Translation


Type of activity: Content Translation (Tamil)

Briefly describe the activity: About Aurora Perspective, translation work with social media.

Provide the link to the end result:

Approximately; 1100 Words: $25 for 500 words.
So for 1100 words $55

Estimate your reward accounting for the activities: $55 USD

Total rewards: $100 + $55 = $155 USD

Thank you,

Hello Bernard, I shared with you my feedback on your last submission for december. I told you that you have no interaction on your tweets, so you community is not giving you likes or reading your content.

Not even 1 clap for your medium post, will be helpful if you can share the metrics from your post.

Almost 0 interaction on twitter

The idea was that you resolve the situation, use the feedback to improve, here we are always ready to help. And after it is resolved, you must make the reward claim. But doing it knowing that the communication work is poor is a failure, I really regret it.




I will have to review your claim with my teammates, please take a look of this quote:

Hello @FritzWorm
My twitter engagement is good from the past month’s,

I’m got tipped from the learnnear

Eg tweets that were engaged like this, mentioned in above

:sweat_smile: firstly you must know one thing that,

RULES and Regulations/instructions are equal to everyone, but you didn’t followed
To yourself/yours brother @gastonwagner

In this medium aritcle,
Most of the posts were Posted on 31th December

5/7 posts were Posted on 31th December, and mostly 3/7 posts just goten 1 LIKES

:sweat_smile: but you approved Mr. @FritzWorm
It’s an kind of Spam Account,

I’m didn’t mean it, I’m just remainder to you @FritzWorm

I’m didn’t have much time to engage in medium, if I have enough time, I would engage like yours brother,

Reconsider it @FritzWorm

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Hello Bernard,

You should be 100% sure before doing such statement, because I can consider it not just offensive but defamatory:

  1. My brother is an active trader, that is also helping our Near Venezuela members with their swaps, even with Fiat vs Crypto. Just for you know it.

  2. 31 december las month was valid for december, and he did do nothing on January so will be able to ask for the rewards now.

  1. Some of his translations was very needed, like the one from the Tips on twitter, finally I was able to share that with everyone on english, it was seen by the dapplets team, I even I received this NFT as a gift from dapplets:

I am doing several tasks right now for the community, it is hard to do everything, so yeah if I needed a translation I asked for it. That’s one of the main points of the OWS evolution right now, that Guilds and Projects are the ones asking for contributors to do specific tasks.

About the following statement, is not true, I have been giving approvals for others asking for improvement or for an update later like I did ask him for an update with the tweets, thanks for remembering me, will do it again. And for translations we from OWS have been approving even some done on Google docs in the past, what is important is to be certain that the translations are useful.

What I am trying to explain is that we want contributions from the sandboxers that have a real impact for the community, like at least the translation for Dapplets. That will still be very useful in the future when the next contest on twitter appears.

And in your case I did the same, approved your last month claim everything possible last month and give you a feedback so you can improve. Your claim about social media NEAR force is about grow your own followers, and you did not have them, as I share with you that on the record.

Hi @FritzWorm

I know that you and your brother are in

That’s not an issues,

I didn’t mean it for the claiming for January,

If he has more work, then why he did the last day of engagement?

Don’t interface this and that work, from Guild to OWS

And I’m a researcher,
A trader,
A tester,
A playable guy in metaverse,
A nft holder,
And so on …

I too did the same work (like)

Engagement on my twitter, got tipped from learnnearclub ,
Translation on my native language,

If I have more enough time, I would engage more on medium,

Let’s wait, what you all thinks about my this month claim,

Good day, @FritzWorm


Yep that’s awesome, but that is a personal contribution, and your claim is about community sustain, I don’t see a community.

Let me be clear on this, I didnt reject your claim, I was giving you feedback and letting you to answer my questions, so for example you will be able to prove that the translation was useful.

But what you did was to attack my qualifications as a reviewer. And it is good to share opinions and of course I can receive feedback as well, I also make mistakes, everyday… And would be great to have feedback from you and others so I can improve too. But it was not what you did, by making a rude and out of place claim:

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:cool: @FritzWorm

Yes, my translation useful
My translation is to my native language of more about Near Protocol

  1. About the AURORA
  2. Creating a Testnet wallet guidelines and giving instructions to follow the testnet and gets some rewards,

One of my work

Testnet guidelines of an tweet

Cool, you have 6 likes on your tweet for the translation, and you could reach more members from the Tamil community if they quote you or retweet, I mean that you should ask the Tamil Guild Leader to retweet your translations:

I am happy to see new communities growing. :white_check_mark:

Translation claim approved: $55

For the next time we meet, I hope you can also improve the way you communicate, and be more careful to avoid making false statements.

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Yes :cool: @FritzWorm


I’m also one of the moderator on NEARPROTOCOLTAMIL GUILD …

Soon we will meet,

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Hi @FritzWorm.
Its always an honor to talk with you on telegram.
Sorry to tag you like this.
But i know community and guild are very important.
I have been trying my best for last 2 months aka December and january with Near India team so they can post my translation on twitter. I am tagging Near India as well as OWS to get the support to get more and more reach. But i am getting no response at all from Near India Twitter handle.
I am trying all i can do from my side like posting the content on twitter tagging the concerned project, near india tg and discord & the tg and discord handle of the projects i have done work on. But still if i can get support from Near India Twitter, i feel the reach can create a greater buzz. I have seen vietnam community and Venezuela community helping the contributors to get more reach.
If somehow this can be solved i can reach more audiences.
Thank you…

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