Sandbox [January] reward claim for [ibeenear#3646]

Claim 1.


Social Media Near Force

Briefly describe the Activity: Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/News/Comments. promotes the Ecosystem related post.

Provide the link to the end result:

Estimate your reward accounting for the all activities
$50 half of the month

Total $50

Hello Ibee, so sorry but we have to reject your claim.

  1. Likes are from other OWS contributors that we have flagged as clone accounts

  1. Some post don’t have more than 2 real likes

  1. You did not take my last feedback into account, I even approved part of your work, and it was to encourage you to build your own community.

As this means that you have submitted poor quality work twice you as now Tier 4 contributor may apply to join Tier 3 again if you can show the community some progress in learning curve and motivation (e.g. sufficient improvement in work done, engagement with with other Guilds/projects, active seeking for feedback)

Please take a look of the following post:

Best regards

Hey, thanks for your awesome review as usual, but that is a bit hard, at least an occasional tweet approval will be ok.

Anyway thanks

I demand to be compensated for my work please. @FritzWorm please review once more, i did was you said I’m your feedback
Expect i missed something