SANDBOX [JANUARY 2022] REWARD CLAIM OF [joefrey27#0997]


  1. Type Of Activity: Social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Sustain Your Channel: Grow your followers,posting daily posting updates/News/Comments/memes/graphic. Also promotes the Ecosystem related post

  3. Link Provided to the end result on


Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Simple design

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 15 Simple design

  3. Link Provided to the end result on


Estimated Rewards: 5*15=75 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Infographic

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 25 Infographic

  3. Link Provided to the end result on


Estimated Rewards: 25*10=250 USD

Total Estimated Rewards: 100+75+250=425 USD

Hi @joefrey27, thank you for your submission.

We’ve noticed that your proposal is identical to another claim. From posting plan, time of activity, logo style, designs, infographic, and figures used in infographic. This has been flagged as a clone account, if you believe your work is being intentionally copied, please let us know.

Proposal rejected


For reference:

Hi Williams I saw your post saying that I clone my work…but you are the one handling my work…if some one clone my work and post that means my work will be rejected…i put more effort on this work so my efforts will be in vain…i saw the account you say it was clone…and my account has been since 4 months now
.I have been leaning the infographic…i don the infographic last month Dec…i feel so bad putting more effort on this now my work rejected…:rage::rage::rage::rage:

Hi there,

If you do believe that, let me know. We value any effort to contribute to the ecosystem.

Hi mates, that’s true I accept your work of the previous month because at that time there was no clone work.

This month you made a bad move. Iampard070 is newly created has some posts that were even posted before this account. So basically, there’s no intentionally copied work, but the two accounts clone each other. Let alone the same captions, content, figures, day of posting, etc.

Unfortunately, proposal rejected. DM sent to clarify if you need any further proof from our contributor from’s database.