Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [ramgor#0255] [ramgor.near]

Claim 1

Type of activity: Social Media Channels

[create a Twitter account]

Link to Result:

Reward: $3

Claim 2

Type of activity: NEAR Academy

[NEAR Academy course]

Link to Result:

[Near Academy]
Reward: $1

Claim 3

Type of activity: NEAR Academy steep 2

[Create a blog post on medium about my experience completing NEAR Academy course.]

Link to Result:

[Mi experiencia con el ecosistema NEAR — PROTOCOL | by Ulises Marin Diamante | Dec, 2021 | Medium]
Reward: $15

Claim 4

Type of activity: NEAR Academy steep 3

[Complete the survey and explain on a twitter thread of 5 tweets min, the experience.]

Link to Result:

Reward: $5

Claim 5

Type of activity:

[Survey Sandboxer Journey]

Link to Result:

[Your Open Web Sandbox Journey]
Reward: 2$NEAR

Estimated Final Reward:

[ $3+$1+$15+$5=$24 + 2$NEAR]


Approved :white_check_mark:

I believe you could be a good vector to spread the info about how to avoid scams

Please contact me to explain you further about my feedback

appreciated your help!
Sure I can collaborate even more while I’m getting used to the whole ecosystem !
I’m thinking about translating, posting of course, perhaps some code (not sure jet)… I used to be a developer long time ago buy then I switched to system administrator, my knowledge in Javascript is very limited and I should start making some kind of refreshing first! (that is why I didn’t offer me as a developer) in the other hand I really enjoyed dealing with the Museum smart contract (NEAR academy course) in the NEAR blockchain strait from my Linux PC using NODE !
I’ll see how far I can go step by step! Thanks for this great opportunity !