Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [FritzWagner#6722] [fritzwagner.near]

Hello everyone!

As you know I started this journey thanks to the Hackathon on May, and then I started working with the Metapool team and doing some collaborations with OWS, so here we are with another month of sharing.

Here you have my collaborations on December:

  1. NEAR tIps on Twitter, will be cool if someone translate it to English and others, this is from Dapplets project
  1. Blockchain opportunities around finances with DAOs for institutions
  1. NEAR vs SOLANA (and others), and it is a translation from this post with my own opinion about it with some charts added
  1. Translation of this post with +26 claps on Medium, very helpful for Nearcomers

Reward claim of: $250


Happy NEAR year everyone !!! :star_struck:


Happy new year in advance to you too. We still have about 18 hrs to go over here though but 2022 is NEAR

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Hi Fritz, thank you for the great educational material

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