Sandbox August Reward Claim of [Ramesh | NEAR#4101]

OWS Claim Sheet

Claim1: Contributor’s Profile:

As I joined in OWS on 08/04/2021 and the snapshot for the Joined log is attached for your kind reference.
Pease note that the snapshot of the contributor profile is attached in the OWS claim sheet which is shared in the Google drive and the same is given below for your kind reference.

Estimate Rewards for the activity: 3 NEAR.

Claim2: Memes


Please find the list of Memes I have created and shared the same in twitter handle.

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 4 x 2 = 8 NEAR.

Claim 3: Infographics

Act: Creation of Infographics for Concept related to NEAR and post it on the active social media.

Series: Brainstorm Collection of Infographics and posted in social media.

Link for the Activity:

Activity 1: (Collection of 5 Infographics)

Activity2: (Collection of 10 Infographics)

Activity3: (Collection of 10 Infographics)

Activity4: (Collection of 10 Infographics)

Activity5: (Collection of 8 Infographics)

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 1 x 25 = 25 N + 2 x 45 = 90 N + 1 x 37 = 37 N + 25N+12N=37N.

Infographics Total: 189 NEAR

Claim4: Social Media NEAR Force

Act: Creation of Twitter and grow up the followers.

Activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @nearpedia

Number of Followers: 115

Link for the Activity:

Estimate Rewards for the activities: 30 + 20 = 50 Near

Total Rewards: 3 + 8 + 189 +50 = 250 Near.

Needs to be revised to 250N and then is approved to be posted to the Sandbox SputnikDAO.

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Hi mecsbecs,

Thankyou for approving my proposal, Updated the revised numbers.
Great day to you. :grinning: !!!