Sandbox [August] Reward claim of [ducviet00#8888]

  1. Is it an act or series? Series.
  2. Type of Activity:
  • Welcome to the Open Web Sandbox
  • Sandbox Referral Program.
  • Feedback
  1. Briefly describe the activity (act or series or both):
    Act: Bring Developers to NEAR Academy Series: Developer Completes Academy and Becomes NEAR Certified.
  • I invited my friends to OWS and NEAR Academy and guided them to complete certificates from NEAR Academy.
  • I fill the contributor form
  • I did feedback for the OWS survey :smiley:
  1. Provide the link to the end result:

These are their discord handles:

  • namashley#8614
  • stillnormal#8250
  • normie20#0291
  • NatAdrianne#7011
  • MinhKer<3#8990
  • jovanie#2061
  • yuna2003#3413
  • kimminju#2789
  • pminhchinh#0853
  • ksnam08#0841
  • tranhuuhuy297#1800

Their certificate: nearcertificates - Google Drive

  1. Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. This has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.

The estimated reward is 260 NEAR, 11 developers completed the course and join OWS (20+3 NEAR one time per developer) = 23*11 = 253 and 3 NEAR for new member reward, 4 NEAR for filling in the general feedback survey for the OWS.


Great work, thanks for introducing OWS to other :slight_smile:
Approved for the DAO proposal