Sandbox [August 2021] Reward Claim of [ART-SLACKER]

1 - act or series - series

2 - type of activity - promotion - social media near force

3 - briefly describe the activity (act or series or both): -
I operate a set of four complementary Near focused twitter accounts: > > > >

The accounts work in tandem to promote trashart culture [minting/collecting] on Near amongst the broader trashart community.

All accounts tweet NEAR content however the social tokens accounts are exclusively for the tokens but have up until now been used to amplify the trashart tweets.

However, the tokens are now listed at with liquidity pools set up, and are being distributed to qualifying NEAR wallets.

[A fourth token - and a fifth twitter account - is being launched in September - to coincide with the launch/promotion of the full suite #MemeFi trashart finance concept.]

4 - provide the link to the end result :

5 - mention the relevant name of the project or guild (if the act or series was specifically posted by a project or a guild)
mintbase - paras - ref finance - tokn farm

6 - estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. this has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.


This is approved to be posted for payout to the Sandbox SputnikDAO.